Saturday, April 12, 2008

A bird dancing and two birthday songs

The two brothers had a blast at their party. Here are the famous birthday songs. Jake's is cut off because I didn't realize I wasn't recording until then. Plus, I was so caught up in making sure I did Miah's cake JUST right and got a picture to remember forever, that I didn't even get a single picture of Jake's poor cake. Double parties are super hard, why didn't anyone tell me that? Unless there's a mom there for each kid, it's hard to make sure you get pictures of everything for BOTH kids. Poor Jake was on his on during the present part. I'm just glad he's old enough to handle it and say his thankyou's and stuff. If I had two Miah's goodness gracious. That would have been a MESS!!! BTW...I LOVE the dad and brother kiss at then end of this video. And if you're wondering, Miah is wearing his helmet and knee and shoulder pads he just opened up for his skateboard.

This is a short video of the kids singing, "She'll be comin' round the mountain" so the bird could dance to it. This birdie was so excited about dancing for everyone and I think the man holding him was too...look at him go!!


Tara said...

I love watching videos of the kids. What a great bunch, and that bird is funny.

Lindsay said...

i loved watching these videos too. and that bird man... he sees so COWntry. hehe i like him.

Unknown said...