Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Day for the Girls

Today was super special because me and Kora went on a special, GIRLS ONLY shopping trip. We had so much fun together with no boys. We went to Firewheel Town Center first and stopped in to Clarie's. Kora was in the market for new earrings, dangly ones. She found about 10 pairs that she loved, but we managed to narrow it down to 6 that we took home. She also picked out a sparkly wallet, 3 hair bows and a fabulous necklace.
Next we headed over to Stride Rite, our favorite shoe store, to buy our yearly purchase of shoes. We always come to the buy one get one half off sale and usually the shoes are split between the kids. Well, since Jake has pretty much outgrown Stride Rite's style and they didn't have any I liked for Miah, Kora got BOTH pairs to herself. She felt like a Princess at the shoe store and tried on about 7 pairs that she picked out. Since we were looking for Summer foot wear, she settled on these super precious flashy sandals and then some basic Tommy Girl flip flops. I wasn't TOO impressed with their selection this Summer, but no biggie because her shoes from last Summer still fit and look great. So now she has several pairs to wear.
After all that shoe shopping, we were needing a snack so we stopped in at Nestle for a yummy cookie treat. Kora picked a cookie on a stick decorated with frosting to look like a flower. I REALLY wanted a couple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but they didn't have any so I settled for two oatmeal butterscotch cookies. Still good, and with a root beer, YuM!
On our way back home, we went to Bath and Body Works because as we were walking to Old Navy, Kora spied a sweet and cozy lambie that she HAD to have. We went in to visit him and lo and behold I see a cute striped bag I HAD to have. So we each got our fun item and then we were off to Old Navy.

At Old Navy I got 3 tops to wear with my big belly. I won't post pictures of them because they don't look MUCH different than all the other tops I have. They are all white, black or brown, like everything else I have so who cares. I tried on some pants and capris (blah) but nothing looked right. Anything I try on that has to do with my big butt makes me cringe when I look in the mirror so I didn't go that route this time. While there, I saw THIS super cute bag and had to embark. It's already sitting her next to me filled with my fun daily items (wallet, 3 different chapsticks, compact mirror, powder, 2 pens, US weekly mag, prenatal vitamins, kleenex, hand sanitizer and sunglasses)

Kora picked out these flip flops for Mr. Miah who is always caught wearing Jake's sandals around the house. I think they're so adorable. I cut off that annoying back strap though, who needs it!?

I grabbed Jake two handsome polos because he can't seem to keep the ketchup from jumping on all of his OTHER shirts when he eats at school. Ugh...boys.

And then we headed home. It was so much fun, really it was. We held hands and just enjoyed being together, without any one to bug us. I'm going to try to do more girl days with Kora because I know it must be hard for her with so much testosterone floating around and no girl time to release her inner girlyness. The boys were happy to see us after so many hours, what can I say, they can't live without us!!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great day!!!! I agree Stride Rite is not having the sandles I want for P this year...not much selection:( And I always get his shoes there! And I think your hair choice is a good one for you:) I know I will probably never have the patience to grow mine out long again!

Tara said...

Great day! Get that girl time in as much as you can. Once the baby comes, it will be a while before you will be able to take so much time with JUST Kora and NO brothers. I have yet to have some real girl time with Jade, and Eddie is a year old! (but that is partly due to his poor hurting body that has not been able to be away from a comforting mommy his entire little life, hopefuly that will change as he feels better) YOu can remind Kora, this is the best part about being the only girl (for now), the special "girl times" are ONLY you and mom, no other girls to share with.

Anonymous said...

Whew, caught up now and feel my life is complete now that I'm in the "know". oooohhhhh oatmeal chocolate chips cookies those DO sound good. And, thanks for the inventory of your new bag.

Unknown said...

How fun! I love what you got, especially the fun bags! Cute cute!

Lindsay said...

how sweet. I love that you and kora had a fun shopping day.. it reminds me of shopping with mother. :) i love that bag with the grass on it. it's really cute.

Vagabond Mother said...

I took Raymond in for a haircut. Besides him screaming crazy at the very end, it was simple and nice to just have one child in tow. I'm glad you have Kora!