Saturday, April 5, 2008

I think I've made my decision

I really appreciate everyone's comments about the hair thing. They all contributed to my final decision which I'll announce I am AND am not gonna cut it. Let me explain. Tara, you said that after 30 the chances of it being long again are slim to none. I've known this for awhile which was the reason for me growing it out anyway. Hearing you say that makes me even MORE nervous to go short. Sheriece, first of all you ARE skinny so shut up. Second, your point about cutting it short when you're skinny made me think of how much BIGGER I'll look with it short. If I DO plan to cut it as short as that picture, it won't be for at least another year or more. Valinda, you mentioned something about a ponytail and it freaked me out because I HAVE to have my ponytail. Why didn't I think about that?

SO even though you ALL (except Jess which I'll talk about later and Austin and his dad who didn't comment about it but told me in person I shouldn't cut it) suggested I cut it, your comments made me realize I DON'T want to cut it. Well, at least not ALL the way. Jess, your comment was EXACTLY what I was thinking. Maybe I WILL cut it, but just 2-3 inches to get it off my boobs so the local strip clubs don't call me up to perform. That way it looks groomed, but not gone. I like my long hair and I think if I were to cut it, I'd be really really sad. I always am. Don't laugh at me, but I've always wanted to have long hair in the delivery room, I have NO idea why. I can't believe I just typed that because it's the stupidest sounding remark ever and makes no sense, but for some reason I've just always wanted that. This is my chance because I don't know that I'll ever see the inside of another delivery room from the same view I'll have in June/July.

Now, to you Lindsay. The bangs you speak of. Maybe since I want a change, but not a SHORT change, I should opt for the bangs thing? I know, I know, I've always bad-mouthed bangs on my blog. I know your wondering why I would consider trying them for the millionth time. BUT, bangs to me aren't really cutting your hair, it's just adding another layer that will grow out and give the top of my hair more body and fullness. And who says my bangs have to be short? I was thinking some swoopy side bangs. And if I don't like them, I'll just bobby pin them back like I do with my hair anyway. I can get rid of them easily, but I can't bring back all my length.

SOOooOOoo, I AM going to cut my hair. A few inches off the bottom and then maybe some bang-diddly-angs, who knows. But I'm NOT going to CUT CUT my hair to be short. Thanks for all the advice!


Vagabond Mother said...

Are you the one that asked for the "Jennifer Aniston" haircut and she took you back to 1994?

For some reason, hair is very emotionally tied to girls/women. Maybe that's why I change mine up all the time, I'm a mess.

Jess said...

Whoo hoo! I won! I have the side swept bangs and love them and here's why: 1)they add volume to my hair, 2)they cover forehead zits (when I have them, that is!), 3)they make my long hair appear to have a "style", and 4)when I pull my hair back in a ponytail, the bangs make it appear not as sloppy (like, the back can be a rats nest, but the front makes it look like I did my hair). If you go to my *gasp* Party Like A Rockstar can see my "bangs"!

Valinda said...

So will the sexy delivery room pic be complete with full on makeup? I mentioned the ponytail because I'd be lost without mine!

Unknown said...

Cool! I am sure it will be super cute. I really like my bangs, but I am about to grow them out a bit so I can do side bangs just to change it up a bit. Can;t wait to see it!

Lindsay said...

I think that you've made a good decision... just make sure that you show them exACTLY where you want the bangs to hit... maybe the mid-cheek or something. We all know how tragic it can be to get SHORT bangs... oh heavens.