Thursday, March 27, 2008


The kids got home late on Saturday just in time to get in bed and get ready for the Easter Bunny! On Saturday night, Austin was asking Kora if the bunny was coming to our house and if he should shoot that bunny for the coyote cage. Kora jumped up and said, "No way, there's HUMANS in that bunny!" It was hilarious! You never know what your kids think the Easter Bunny really is and I guess Kora thinks he's a big stuffed bunny with a random man inside!
When we woke up on Sunday, the Easter Bunny had left the kids a note like usual. It explained the egg hunt that we have every year in order to find our Easter baskets. It starts out with a simple clue which leads them to plastic eggs hidden all over the house with more clues inside. From one egg to the next the kids hunted. Jake read all the clues while Kora ran off looking in the right spot for the next one. Miah wasn't too into the hunt, he just sat with sick Daddy on the bed.

Finally...after 18 clues, the longest hunt to date...they found their baskets hidden in the movie theater closet/attic.

Here are the magnificent hunters, still in PJ's, still stinky breath, and still groggy but ALIVE with excitement at all the candy!!!! I call this picture, "More bars in more places."

After everyone got cleaned up and went to church to get our weekly dose of the spirit, we came home to get ready for the big cousin hunt. All the moms, aunts and grandmothers hid the eggs in the backyard while the kids waited inside. I remember being in the kid position with all MY cousins as the moms hid the eggs long ago. Funny how things change so quickly!

The hunters did a good job looking for eggs. Jake and Kora were sweet enough not to go crazy and take all the easy eggs on the ground.

Jake found the tallest one. He kept picking the eggs up and shaking them to see if they had money in them and if not, he'd throw them back down.

Kora found the medium one.

And Miah found the lowest one. He wasn't scared of them anymore and by now he understood how to play this hunting game.

Then we all went inside to count and sort. Lauren was the winner and found the most eggs!

Austin was still feeling sick inside. He got the yucky sickness the very DAY after mine eased up. It hit him pretty hard just like me.


Unknown said...

Ok, "more bars in more places" made me L.O.L.

Tara said...

You pulled off Easter way better than I did, you are amazing!

Vagabond Mother said...

I like how Kora is a nudest, even on Easter. Way to be!

Vagabond Mother said...

When Kora puffs out her chest like she is in that picture... she reminds me of austin. HA. I love the picture of all of them.