Thursday, March 27, 2008


On this day, I had more energy and was feeling good so we went to the Dallas Zoo with our friends, just me and Miah. We walked SOOO MUCH and I don't think my crotch bone will ever recover, but we had fun. Miah loved all the attention he got from Kamryn. She was a great helper!! They were good buddies and it was nice for him to be away from Kora and Jake for a bit.
He waved to the leaning elephant who didn't wave back, but just kept leaning.

The best part was the gorilla. Lindsay, remember this same panel of glass not so many years ago? Miah had a MUCH different experience when we went. He saw the gorilla walking around behind the glass and just stood there in amazement.

Then the gorilla saw Miah and came to the glass to get a closer look. It was like they were almost kissing. It was crazy how close they got to each other, just staring.

They became friends in that moment, like they had known each other all along and been separated. Nothing like how the gorilla treated us, right Linds?

At the end of the zoo we went to the children's section and played in the water stream. This was Miah's favorite part, I think it was everyone's favorite part actually. After a long day of walking, there's nothing like getting your toes wet!


Unknown said...

Those pictures are too cute.

I, too, have been terrorized by a gorilla at the zoo. He unexpectedly came hurling at the glass and scared me and my siblings to DEATH.

Tara said...

What a cool zoo! Kids love animals, never fails.

Vagabond Mother said...

Miah must be a gorilla whisperer. How cool.

Anonymous said...

what a SCARY picture... it reminds me of the thrill and horror of that hot august day. Gorillas still make me nervous. I love the love between the gorilla and miah. I agree with janae... he's gotta be a gorilla whisperer.