Thursday, March 27, 2008


On this day, everyone was feeling better (Kora has spiked a small fever on Sunday but it went away and she was feeling fine) SO WE THOUGHT. Little did we know a sick bug was hiding SOMEWHERE in our little bodies. Anywho, we went to the Dallas Science Museum with our fun friends again. Jake and Kamryn milked the cow together. It was magical. I saw sparks even though she's an older woman!

Kora went on a mission to outer space in this wacko NASA helmet. I tried one on too but it smelled like dirty hair.

Miah and Zane enjoyed the firetruck slide.

All the kids were almost eaten alive by this big hungry mouth that had bad breath.

Before we left we dug and dug for dinosaur bones but ended up with something very unexpected. Kora and Jake brought us a HUMAN KID TOOTH!!!! YUCK. It must have fallen out of some kids' mouth while they were digging. It was disgusting.

After our long day, we chowed at Chuy's and I thought the kids looked so precious with their mini menus acting like grown ups. We had so much fun!!


Unknown said...

You are the busiest people EVER. Looks like so much fun. My kids adore children's museums.

Anonymous said...

i love all the fun pics.....

Tara said...

Such a cool place! But yuck, that tooth!

Vagabond Mother said...

Okay, since your children went every where a child could go the last few weeks, no wonder you have devil sickness! We went to IKEA once, and I swear, after Raymond crawled around in the "kids beds" we caught the grossest flu ever.

Anonymous said...

okay that giant mouth DOES look like bad breath. Why did they have to make it so ugly? What... you can't have children walking through an attractive mouth?... What terribly wonderful pictures....more reasons to miss my children :(