Thursday, March 27, 2008


On this fine weekend we had the privilege of taking care of our favorite cousins. Well, okay so they're our only cousins but they are STILL our favorite! Aidan went with my dad and we took Lauren to an Easter Egg hunt they have every year in Rockwall. When we were getting ready to go, Kora and Lauren loved brushing their hair together and being girlie cousins. Here they are all ready to go!
When we got there we had to all split up into different baseball fields Miah and Lauren were in the 3-4yr hunting field so I stayed with them. It was pretty cold outside and poor Lauren was freezing her bootie off with the TANK TOP I had picked out for her that day. What a terrible Aunt I am, right? None of us had our Easter baskets because we were waiting for the Bunny to bring those so we al brought some ghetto plastic walmart bags to put our eggs in. It was pretty trashy of us but they did the job. When they told us to go, Lauren went directly to the goods and started throwing them in her bag. Miah was weirded out by the whole thing and too scared to pick up the eggs. He kept saying, "NOOO NOOOO!" to me like I was telling him to pick up bugs or something. Odd child.
After the hunt, we all got back together and went to the petting zoo. My favorite were these baby chicks and ducks. They were so precious and had the fluffiest puffiest hairdo. I wanted to steal one and take it home with me but then I remembered they grow up and get ugly.

Kora's favorite was of course, the mini horse. She's in love with horses so as soon as she saw this guy she stuck with him. He was pretty cute and I think even Austin wanted to take him home. He's been wanting a mini horse ever since he started watching Rob and Big. He tells Kora that when we get a house we're getting a mini horse too. BUT, at the rate we're going on the house thing, that's no big promise!

Lauren's favorite animals were the baby goats. She saw these two goats and slapped one arm around each one and was ready to get outta there. She really thought she was going to take these two guys home with her.

As we were walking out, we ran into the crazy Culver's ice cream man and the kids ran to grab an egg out of his basket.

On the way home, we stopped to get Austin a haircut and Miah saw some motorcycle guys out the window. He got all excited and lifted himself up outta his seat to check them out. He LOVES motorcycles!!


Unknown said...

Cute kids. Fun times. What could be better!?

Tara said...

It's a good thing your pregnant, it's the best excuse for EVERYTHING. (a tank top!?!) j/k
But seriously, Jade was the only female in the house with a brain while I was pregnant, poor thing, she had to make sure we all didn't die. Glad to see you guys got out and still had some fun, even with all the crazy stuff happening. :)

Vagabond Mother said...

That's the scariest "ice cream man" ever.

Lindsay said...

How did i miss this post? i swear i scrolled all the way down last night and ever saw any of these!!! weird. I love the story about lauren and her goats. hehe...