Thursday, March 27, 2008


On this day, Austin decided there were too many bunnies in the backyard and we needed one for my dad's coyote trap he got on ebay. He put on his boots, grabbed his gun and went searching. Kora got excited about the hunt and grabbed her shorts that looked like dad's, her boots like dad's and her bunny shirt just for the irony of it.

They started walking out to the forest to find the bunnies.

But they didn't see any.
At least they looked cool while waiting for one, right?

This was the night Austin and I decided something that made me go into a deep depression. I'll explain later. I also started getting sick this night which didn't help.


Vagabond Mother said...

Nothing like a good bunny hunt in the backyard to get ready for Easter. Too bad you don't live here, all of us depressed ladies are going on the "Official Lady Sushi and Movie Night" this Saturday.

Lindsay said...

poor bunny. i'm going to the depressed ladies night at Janae's... you should come. Kora looks so cute in her outfit. :)