Thursday, March 13, 2008

A list of junk

1. Sorry I've been gone for a bit. More sickness came through at the beginning of this week and my stomach has been in knots until today. Did ya miss me?!

2. Been going through a MESS with the apartment complex in Fredericksburg. I don't even want to go into it, some of you already know and I've talked about it too much so I'm gonna shut up now. I'm certain everything will work out, I don't know when or how, but it will.

3. Miah and Kora had their 5 and 3 year well checks today. Kora got an A++ with her drawing of a person, writing her name and drawing some shapes. She's in the 75th% for height and 65th% for weight. Miah got some meds for his constant allergies he seems to have. His nose is always running and he always gets a cough so hopefully his meds will help out with that. Miah is in the 50th% for weight and 3rd% for height...yikes, that's short. I've never really understood the whole percentile thing so I asked her today to explain what it normal and how that works. She said, if you lined up 100 kids the same age, your child would be #....whatever percentile they are from smallest to largest. That makes sense, right? Both kids were brave when they each had their finger pricked and one shot each. I was proud. Both had to do a urine test and pee in a cup which was interesting. Miah did good, but of course that's easy for boys right? Kora was a different story. I got a nice hand wash in pee with hers....lovely. She of course thought it was hilarious!

4. Looks like we'll be checking into the circumcision thing again with Miah when we get to Virginia. I'd been to a urologist before because we wanted it done and he made me feel like I was a HORRIBLE mother for even considering having it done now that he's older. The pedi we went to today said he really needs to go see another urologist because his foreskin (I know this is may be more than you wanna hear, if so, skip to #5) isn't retracting all the way to show the head of his penis. I knew that wasn't normal and I'm mad that the other urologist made me feel so stupid. UGH. She said when we get to VA I need to make that top priority to avoid a severe infection. priority. That's nice because it's not like I have a million OTHER "top priority" items on my list once I get there. I told my friend that when Isaak is born and they ask if we want to circumcise, I should ask if they have any specials going. Maybe like a two for one or something like that! Kill two birds with one stone, right?

5. I could probably come up with more to say right now but I need to go make breakfast burritos for dinner, I'm starving!


Amanda said...

Glad to hear the update...even though ya sound a bit stressed:( I would get at LEAST 3 opinions on his circ. there before you get it done. AT least with a few opinions you will feel totally confident in the doc. you pick. Newborn circ's are totally different recovery wise than when they are older. And I have read a lot online about them b/c we had a problem with P's circ. and I am nervous to have another boy! GOOD LUCK!

Lindsay said...

Poor Miah... i'm glad i'm not a boy. Who cares if periods suck... i'd rather have them than a penis always dangling from my netherlands. sorry.. i was just thinking about that. good list.

Tara said...

OK, I went through the EXACT same thing with Josh about his poor little part. FINALY when he was 3, a urologist listened to me and redid the job. Call me if you want details of how that went. Thankgoodness Josh forgot all about it now.

I SO missed your posts! I am anxious to hear how things go with the appartments! Glad you are feeling better!

Unknown said...

If you are looking for any info on circumcision, I am a group leader for a group for moms who believe in circumcising, it is great place to find info and support.

I hope you'll check it out:


Valinda said...

Wow your dr. is all sorts of through. I think I spelled that wrong. Anyways you sound like you need to go back to hiding in your "cave" or is all your procrastinating time up? Good luck with Miah, poor guy. I never had to make that tough decision...I'll just have 3 young teenage girls at once!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Vagabond Mother said...


You must be very sick and uncircumcized lately.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I hope you aren't really sick. It isn't like you to not post. You've got me worried. I hope you are better soon and back to blogging, I need to know what is going on with you guys!!

col said...

I read your blog with interest and GREAT concern.
My concern is about Milah...
PLEASE! I want to reassure you (and if you have any friends in Europe or Canada...they can put your mind at ease)..the foreskin is NOT suppose to be retracted by ANYONE, even in the gentlest way, by anyone, but the owner. There were 2 recent studies done by a well-known Japanese and Dutch doctor that show the MEAN age for full retraction is 10.4 years old. Some boys don't even retract until well-after puberty. The problem is that you are going to doctors (American trained) who have not been taught proper function, purpose and anatomy of the foreskin. (Ask anyone/Milah's Dr.'s) who has been through med school how much time they spent on this topic! They only teach circumcision as the norm and most dr.'s are not well-versed in the subject of foreskin.
I read a previous post here that said newborn circs are much different. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE! PLEASE cancel (or at least postpone) any appt. you may have to take this flesh from Milah until you do more research. He will lose a lot of trust for you if you allow this to happen (and a very close tie to his culture) as Americans are the only ones in the developed world to compulsively circ our babies. I realize you already have a son who was probably circ'd, and I also took notice that you are Mormon. Your RELIGION strongly advises against circumcision. Please research this, not only for Milah, but for your unborn son as well. There are many families who research between children and opt to leave there subsequent boys intact (just as we respect the genital integrity of our girls).
I wish you all the luck in the world with all of the additions and changes in your family. For Milah's sake, please call me and I can give you names and numbers of Dr.'s who may be able to help you in your area. (Just email me back).

Warm regards,