Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random pictures n stuff

Remember those potty charts I was talkin about the other day? yeah...so here they are.
Kora's has Hello Kitty stickers which she picked out.
Miah wanted star stickers but they didn't have any so we did hearts instead. When he fills up one whole row, he gets a sticker on the "gum" box and gets a piece of gum. This is a special treat for him and he LOVES it. He chews it for a long time and doesn't usually swallow it unless it's bubblicious or something like that. I'm SO proud of him! I think we're almost done. The best part is that the last two nights he's been waking up completely dry too. I think his brain is being trained to hold his pee no matter the situation. It took Kora almost 5 years to get there so I'm thinkin this is a good thing! Jake was this way, goin straight from diapers to underwear. Come to think of it, we never even bought pullups for Jake. He was by far the easiest!

Kora took this picture of Roscoe watching the Disney Channel. It's a Lowe thing, we are ALL obsessed with it. Austin even watches it and gets sucked in to all it's glory.

Here's Jake's bubble. I was taking a picture of the potty charts and all of a sudden he grabs the back of my hair and slings my head around grunting and pointing at his bubble. OKAY JAKE, we SEE it!

Sorry if you get grossed out by feet. I took a picture because Kora painted my toes yesterday and she did such a FABULOUS job, I was highly impressed.
Thank you sweet baby girl!


Lindsay said...

WOW... that IS a really good job of toe painting.. it's probably the harder of the two (vs. fingers) to paint. As for your charts... i love them!! Enos and i are making a workout, FHE and scripture reading chart so we do better at these things. It's very gratifying to see that sticker... or so enos tells me.. i'll be the judge of that. Also, i likes Jake's bubble....quite impressive.

Amanda said...

I am so impressed that she painted your toes that well:) They look AWESOME! WAY to go Kora! The one thing I dread the most on the next kid is potty training! I am so glad P is done:)