Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We run a tight shift around here!

Like most parents, we want our kids to be healthy and strong. In order to keep them in tip top physical condition, we make sure they complete their daily set of push ups, pull ups, crunches, lunges, squats and their 3 mile run. The results have been amazing. Six pack abs, killer thighs, tight butts and best of all, DISCIPLINE built into their tiny brains.

Here are two of the smallest grubs completing their strenuous workout. In most homes, it's rare to find this type of determination in such small children.

But let's face it, these are U.S. Marine Spawn.


Unknown said...

"Miah, take your shirt off."


Lindsay said...

HAHAHA!!!... this is the best post since Miah's diapers.... i think i'll watch it a few more times... sheesh, it makes me miss my nieces and nephews. :(

Amanda said...

That is so FUNNY! I loved the "take your shirt off" part:) I still can't believe Kora can run around naked in the winter and not be COLD!

Lindsay said...

check my family blog... i've updated it.

Anonymous said...

haha too cute!! You prob. didn't know but I'm a secret stalker of your blog!! haha, no not really but I do read it very much entertains me!

-Cassie Pierce
(youngest sister to Amanda and Molly)

(youngest daughter to Scott & Nancy) =)

Miah looks like he's straining a lil and workin real hard to get those crunches in... and Kora looks like it's no sweat off her back... she'll do 5 or maybe 100... either drop of her sweat will be wasted!! haha.. .sorry to blab on but your kids are the cutest and i was very entertained by this video clip! love it!!

-Cassie Pierce

Tara said...

I love the "5 or 100", Josh gets his numbers jumbled like that too. It's either 10 or 100-million-billion. I love how Miah repeated everything Kora said, such a little brother thing, love it! TOO CUTE!!!

David and Teresa said...

I loved that too. It is true every morning up at dawn and running along side their dad no matter what the weather. Then its in the house to do 5 or 100 crunches, pushups and an assortment of other exercises. These U.S. Marine spawn grandchildren are wonderful and mawmaw will miss them dearly when they leave me in April.