Monday, January 14, 2008

A list of junk, not a holy monk

1. Kinda been feeling sick on and off lately, not sure what the stinkin deal is. I thought I was over this but maybe not? Who knows. I have an appt. on Thursday and that's when I schedule the appt. for the sono to find the sex!! yipee! Can't wait.

2. Kora has been PRAYING and PRAYING that the baby is a girl. She said she NEEDS a sister because her brothers bug her SO much. Now she has ME praying that it's a girl just for her sake. I'm worried she'll quit the church if it ends up being a boy!! haha

3. I have been assigned to give a talk on the 10th of Feb. BLAH. I hate that. I hate speaking in front of large crowds more than anything in the entire world. You'd think that with my parties I'd feel comfortable being the center of attention, but NO. For some reason I can block out the adults at the parties and focus only on the kids. With a full chapel of adults I HAVE to look at them. *whine* Seriously ever time I think about it my stomach turns. Last time I had to give a talk I almost threw up because I was so nervous.

4. So about the recipes, I KNOW for a fact that there are more people who read my blog than Camilla and Sheriece although they are the only people who sent me recipes for dinner. Many many people emailed me regarding the queso dip (which I love now with the new recipe) but I can't make that for dinner ever night...come on people.

5. I have one more party this Saturday for a friend of mine and then I am DONE for the rest of my life. It's kind of sad and I almost started crying at the last party I had just because I felt like it was such a huge chapter in my life that I was closing. I'll be happy to have my weekends back to spend with my own children and their activities, but I'll also miss having that part of "me".

6. Kora has been wearing panties to bed for the past week and she is SOOO proud of herself. She gives herself a sticker on her sticker board each morning when she wakes up. If she gets 4 more stickers she can pick out a fun place to go celebrate.

7. Miah has been doing fantastic on his potty training too! He only wears pullups at night and during the day he USUALLY goes without me asking. Tonight for FHE we were out and about for several hours and I forgot to take him to the bathroom the entire time. On the way home he told us he needed to go potty and I was SO proud that he had held it the whole time. I was almost SURE he'd have an accident.

8. Lindsay needs to come home and visit. I miss her.

9. I have nuthin else.


Lindsay said...

I like your list and i'm sorry its the end of an era for the Princess Parties. That kinda makes me sad too. As for number 8, i agree. :(

Tara said...

Lindsay, take me with you!

Tara said...

Sorry, I don't want to interfere with "sister" stuff, I would just hang out with your parents while you guys have your sisterly time. :) I just want some Texas!

And I want to hunt down that jerk that hit your car!

And I want to give Miah some big hugs!!!

ok, I'm done. :)

Amanda said...

I know what you mean about feeling sad about your "party business life" being over:( I felt that way my last day of teaching and when I had to go resign and fill out all the forms at the admin. building. Steve had just graduated and did not have a job yet....I was living on faith.

David and Teresa said...

Yes, I am sad that the Princess has left the building too. But a new chapter is opening. You will be a Marine's wife and expected to associate with the other marine wives and be a leader and you will do great. I too am giving a talk that day so we should celebrate when it is over. I do not enjoy being looked at by Mormoms either.