Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The boy in a bubble and a girlie pirate

I got this cute shot just this morning. Doesn't he look Heavenly in those white Barbie bubbles? Who would ever guess that he could be such a stinker?
And yes, we brush our teeth in the tub and shower, so what?!

Kora got invited to her friend Roman's pirate party and she had to dress up like a pirate for the special occasion. Here's her MeAn Pirate face...ARRGGGG!!! She asked for me to paint a black heart on her cheek but no mustache please.


Lindsay said...

i love miah's face in this picture... he looks so bubbly and cuddly. Kora looks really evil as a pirate... let's not encourage that kind of behavior...thank you.

Unknown said...

They are TOO flippin cute!!

Tara said...

HAHA those are great pics!!! LOVE 'EM!!!