Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are you in the mood for a good cry?

Over the years of having kids, I have found certain songs that I love and I attach to each child. The meaning in the songs says something special to me regarding each individual child’s personality. Most of them I chose long long ago and have always thought of them as THEIR song. I have dedicated these songs especially to them which will always be my song for them throughout their life. I want to share these songs with you and also write a small note to each child telling them why I chose this song for them.
Dear Jakob,

For you I have chosen a song called “I Hope You Dance”, sung by Lee Ann Womack. From the day you were born, I knew that you had a special spirit about you. At first I thought it was just me being a new mom and loving my first born child, but it was more than that. As you have grown, that uniqueness has grown as well and I can clearly see that Heavenly Father has some very big plans for you. I don’t know necessarily what it is, but I do know that whatever it is, it was meant for you and you only. It may be that you grow up to be something great and marvelous, or it may be that you do something as small as touch a person with your spirit while here on earth and inspire them. I just know that I want you to do whatever your little heart tells you to do. You have such big dreams and plans in your head about what you want to do and who you want to be and I hope that you NEVER let those dreams die. Never think that you can’t reach those goals. Always go out there with the mindset that you WILL succeed and I KNOW, you will. I love you so much and I’m so blessed to have been chosen to be your mother while here on earth. Sometimes I feel so inadequate for such a big job, but because you are so loving and so caring you see past my faults. That’s why I love you. You’re mature beyond your years Jakob and you don’t even know it. Thank you for being you and for loving your family so much!

I love you,
Dear Kora,

Wow, I never thought I’d have such a beautiful girl like yourself. I chose the song, “My Little Girl” sung by Tim McGraw for you. Yes, I know it’s from a father’s prospective, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have those same feelings for you as the mother. I chose this song because you have such a strong mind and a stubborn heart. I love how you TELL everyone what you’re going to do and you don’t give up even when you’re told no. It may not be the kind of trait a mother wants from their five year old, but I’m proud of you for being that way. I like this song because it talks about having to let go slowly and watch you learn things for yourself. That’s hard as a mom. I’ve been around and experienced a lot of things that I wish I could just share with you so you won’t make the same mistakes, but I know you’ll have to learn them on your own with only my guidance to help direct you. I think about how close you and I are right now and I hope that as you grow, we continue to keep this bond between us. You are so special to me and although you can be a little crazy, you really do have such a sincere heart and a desire to help others. I want you to know, that as you grow up and become a young woman, I will always have a hard time letting go of you because you ARE my little girl. Please remember that your Heavenly Father is always there for you at those times when it’s hard to come to mom and dad. Thank you for being so precious and being such a great helper around the house.

I love you,
Dear Miah,

The song I chose for you, I actually chose before I even knew you! I chose, “You’ll Be In My Heart”, sung by Phil Collins for Disney’s Tarzan movie. When I was about 16 I knew that I wanted to adopt when I was married and had a family. In 1999, this movie was released and it was the same year I married your dad. Once I heard this song, I was touched. It meant so much to me and I knew that this would be YOUR song even though I didn’t know who YOU were yet! I love how this song depicts two people coming from different places and becoming a family. Even though you didn’t start out in my tummy, nothing will ever take the place of your spirit in my heart. Going through the adoption process was a stressful time and it began WAY before we were headed in the right direction. We had to take a lot of wrong turns before we knew where to find you. Thankfully, Heavenly Father continued to push us even when I thought it would be impossible. I know that you were 100% meant to be in our family and I can’t imagine anything different. I want you to know that you can always come to mom and dad for help with anything. We will ALWAYS be there for you. I can’t wait to see you grow up and become a little man with your own likes and dislikes. You’re so fun, carefree and outgoing, I just KNOW you’re going to succeed in whatever you do! Thank you for being a part of our family!

I love you,


Unknown said...

Ok, your title said it all! You totally had me BOO-HOOing!! What lucky kids to have a mommy that loves them to bits!

Amanda said...

SO SWEET!!!! YOu made me cry...but then again everything does these days!

Marian said...

Speechless here and unable to see me monitor as me eyes are leaking. You ARE incredible!!!

Aunt Marian
N.B. Me thinks "sm" just might be British, yes?

Lindsay said...

yes.. that WAS a good watery eyed adventure... Thanks.. now i want kids even MORE now... and can i just add that i think it's HILARIOUS that aunt marian thinks that sheriece is british... HAHHAHAHA...(tear)...HAHAHAH... k that's all...on a serious note, i love my nieces and nephews... they are some AMAZING kids and are going to be even more amazing adults... i just know it.

Marian said...

No longer speechless. GUT-WRENCHING. That best describes my emotion when reading your words to your children.

(sorry, "sm")

Anonymous said...

This touches my heart so much. I know that I am meant to adopt as well- I've always known. I don't know when or how this will come but your words give me faith to know it will. Bless you.