Sunday, December 30, 2007

55 years old and still tickin!

Yesterday, the 29th, was my dad's 55th birthday and man alive...did we go crazy. Just kidding, we didn't go crazy, but we had a small gathering with those we love!! We met for dinner at Luigis and then afterwards, we went back to the house for cake a la Kora and MawMaw.
Kora was a little sick so we let her lick the spatula and then spread her germs sparingly over the entire cake. No, for real, she was only allowed to lick the spatula at the end!
Here she is with the finished product. She did the sprinkles!

Here are a couple silly cousins at the party.

It must be so hard being the PawPaw with all these paps taking your photo everywhere you go. All we asked for was a little privacy and family time for the party, but they never stop.

Here's Kora blowing her germs all over the cake to help PawPaw with the candle.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much and I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful father like you! You really are the greatest!


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I agree with jessica... you have to be the best dad ever who lived. Wow... 55, you're old... and yet... still so handsome... good job. :)

Unknown said...

fun! Happy b-day paw paw. :D

Unknown said...

You do have a wonderful, dad, Jessica. Happy birthday Brother George! Here's some love from Tennessee!!!!!!!

Amanda said...


Marian said...

You are amazing, our Jessica. Chuck E Cheese's with KoKo and Miah, nursing sick babies with colds, Birthday Party for your Dad, great blogs and preggers all in one day.

Yes, isn't your Dad just tooo cool and HANDSOME.

Tara said...

Your dad looks HOT for 55! :) Isn't Luigis the place we went for the family lunch when Enos and Linds got married? Wherever we went, was dang good food. :)

Lindsay said...

okay okay jessica... i'll get to your family portrait!!! jeez!! you're so needy. Amy too. :)