Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! (or "u year" if you're a disney channel fan!)

Well, we've made it through another year! Yesterday we all woke up pretty somber and blah. We went out to run some errands but everyone seemed down and impatient with each other. We ate at Texas Land and Cattle for lunch which was fabulous except for the lemonade. WHY in the WORLD can't one place have good shrimp AND lemonade? The Lemonade was that crap that minute maid makes...*ralph* I so wish I could order the strawberry lemonade from OTB and enjoy my grilled shrimp from TXLC. Aww...

So anyway. When we got home from our lunch, we all decided to take a nap to power up for our long night. Austin opted out of the nap choice (bad idea) and decided to go work out. He'll regret that decision later in the evening.

At about 5:30 I made super nachos *mmmmmmm* and then we started our first movie, "Evan Almighty". OH MY GOODNESS. Can I just say this is SUCH a precious movie?! If you haven't seen it, GO RENT IT! Okay so maybe it's just my pregnant hormones making me feel all sweet and tender, but it really is a great movie and it has a wonderful message. It made me feel like I want to start this new year doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do instead of making my own agendas like I always do. I cried a lot during the movie because it made me realize what a lot of prophets from the past had to go through - the ridicule, embarrassment, etc. It made me wonder if I would be able to do something like that even if I looked like a complete idiot. Thinking about the movie makes me wanna go watch it again, and I think I will after I write this post.

For the second movie, we all had ice cream and watched "Nacho Libre". Okay, so not as inspiring as the first movie, but it's a classic in my mind and I laugh at it EVERY single time I watch it. So perfect! Jack Black's facial expressions MAKE the movie. I love him!

After the second movie I took a nice hot bath (not a visual you were wanting to think about I'm sure) and then we all got in our PJ's and made beds on the floor. Miah went ahead and went to bed because he was falling asleep during Nacho Libre anyway. Austin, who chose NOT to take a nap earlier in the day, was DEAD tired by 10pm and wasn't going to make it for another 2 hours. I made the executive decision at that point to have us all celebrate the New Year by New York's time for the sake of the sleepy dad. At 11pm, (12 NY time) we counted down and then cheered the new year! We had sparkling cider and Kora said, "GOSH, I love this stuff!" haha We each made our own toast to the new year which was nice and then we all got cozy and went to bed. It was a nice night and a nice beginning to 2008 which will bring our family many many new and exciting changes. Hopefully all for the better!

Cheers to you this new year!


Amanda said...

Happy new year! I really want Shrimp and steak now! WWWAAAAHHHH!

Unknown said...

Ahhh. I need to add a couple movies to my Netflix queue, me thinks.

Happy New Year, Lowe Family!!