Sunday, October 21, 2007


This is a test to see how many people ACTUALLY read my blog. I think a lot of people tell me they do, but they never comment so I'm not 100% sure they are REALLY visiting the Lowe Family Blog. WELL, for those of you who DO really visit my blog on a regular basis, you will receive a special reward! Today, I was blessed to find out that I will soon be the mother of baby #4! We are soooo excited about the new addition and YOU are one of the first ones to know about it. Below is a list of people who have already found out or responded to my blog posting. If you want to be included in this list, IN ORDER, you have to either post a comment, send me an email, OR call me. Then, you will be included in this exclusive list! Now remember, I haven't told a lot of REALLY CLOSE family and friends so be sure to get on the list early and claim your spot of importance in my life because this is the ONLY way to find out if I'm pregnant!!! haha
Have FuN!
1. Austin
2. Jakob
3. Keith, Kim and Evan
4. MawMaw and PawPaw
5. Kora (and Miah?)
6. Nancy and Scott Pierce (wow, before my sisters, you're good!)
7. Tara, Mica, Lindsay and Bill (you can ALL be the 7th one!)
8. Gramma Gina
9. Camilla
10. Mershy
11. Peggy
12. Mimi and Aidan
13. Vicki
14. Deanna
15. Amanda
16. Mala
17. Dena
18. Enos (I was wonderin' when you'd join us!)
19. Natalie, Kamryn, Eben and Zane
20. Emily and Michael Raines
21. Sheriece
22. Marie
23. JL and Lillie
24. Julianne and Mady
25. Julie (took ya long enough!)
26. Marian and Charles
27. Darlene
28. Kimmy


grammie said...

Congratulations! This is very exciting and I am glad to be one of the first to hear the great news. I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your family. Scott says congrats too.
Nancy Pierce

Tara said...

This is us commenting...So... Lindsay, Tara, Mica and Bill (who doesn't want to be ON the list...what a poop.) hehe...i'm (lindsay) calling you right now to tell you that you are a jerk for not calling your sister and telling her before a bunch of bloggers. COME ON!!! (gobs voice)

Tara said...

OK, we SO love you, now you have to tell us if this is a joke or not! I am too excited! Lindsay is off to call you right now, so I guess I will find out in a few... Anyway, I know how you feel about wishing people would comment, I sometimes wonder if it's JUST my fellow blogger friends who look at my blog, when I am posting for ALL my friends and family. People will ask to see pics of the kids, and I wonder why they don't just go to my blog? My girlfriend said it can take a while for some to catch on to the fact that they CAN comment even if they don't blog. Well, good luck with the baby-making, that's the best part! :) Talk to you later!!! love, Tara

Anonymous said...

Hey I always read your blogs. Its the only way I can find out what is going on with my kids. Since their dad is so good at relaying on what is going on.
Contratulations even though I am way down on the list.

Love you guys.

Camilla said...

oh my goodness!!! how awesome!! congratulations! i've got goosebumps, i'm so excited. hope you are feeling ok.

Michelle Peyronet said...

YAY MORE CUZINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited to have another baby Lowe!!! And another cute baby cousin to squeeze!!! AND I am on the list BEFORE Amy!! So I am not the total last to know!!!! Man, Amy is really gonna be kicking herself when she reads this blog!!!

Amy Herfurth said...

That's not fair...I just checked it on Saturday!!!



Amanda said...


Dena said...

WHAT????????????????????????? Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking you were feeling really desperate to have people read your blog and that's why you were soliciting all of us. But, now I'M SO GLAD I succumbed to the desperation. YIPPEE for the Lowe's!! Only YOU would post on your blog. You're crazy! :) So excited for you!!

Enos Heinzen said...

You know, i read you blog all the time. Like when i teach for 4 hours (like right now). This is my blog reading time for yours and Taras and Amys and others. Since i am always the last person people tell things too. But not this time! Yeah you for you! So do you want another girl to make everything even, or does the thought of another Kora scare you. Anywho Congrats!....oh and this might be my first post ever.... because i am just a boring reader.


Yea! We are so excited for you! What is your due date? For a family that doesn't have the internet, I think we responded pretty fast. I want lots of posts telling us about it all the time!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH, JESSICA!!!!! Congratulations!!!! How exciting!! FOUR kids, Jess!! FOUR!!!

Ok, enough with the exclamation points, but seriously, great news!

Anonymous said...

OK! Are you trying to get me to respond or as many as you can get to respond??? Ha Ha! So, is it for real? Why didn't you tell me that the last time I saw you? So, email me and tell me if this is true? And how far along are you? Congrats if it is for real and I am so excited for you.


JL & Lillie said...

what a wonderful blessing for you and austin and little ones

we love yall

jl aunt lillie

Mady's Momma said...

Yay Jess and all the Lowe family! That's so great, i'm very happy for you and very excited. Love you!

Tara said...

Ok, we are back from CA, Lindsay and I had a great time traveling and we talked about how excited we are for you and how you are going to have the most beautiful baby! Ok, and this is our plan.... your going to have a girl next, a GORGEOUS girl, and she will marry Eddie, they are the perfect age difference apart. He will be tall, (dark hopefully), and handsome, plus our kids would have the greatest in-laws in the world! :) Deal? I called it first so none of your other friends can claim this plan! I can't wait to see you with a cute and sexy bump, you are going to ROCK in pregnancy! Good luck!

Julie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! I am so excited for you and Austin. When I clicked on my "favorites" link to come to your blog, this was totally not what I was expecting!! I can't tell you how excited Kyle and I are for you guys. This is awesome news! I will be calling or emailing you tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

You little stinker! This is the first I heard of "The Lowe Family" blog (rhymes with bog, which in the UK is a rather crude loo). Because I was unaware of your blog I shall now be placed in the lowly rank of 20 or 30 something--simply not good enough, what?! What a smashing photograph of the Barbies and Kora. "crunchy ice cream"--I love it.

Nevermind, luv, I nevertheless delighted in reading the plethora of goings on in your life. You are just tooo cute.

YOU'RE PREGNANT???!!!!! How ever did that happen (When did you find the time :)?) and when are you due? I am positively over the moon for you darling. Well done you two.

I Love You and am ever so pleased with your good news,
Aunt Marian

Lindsay said...

Okay... after reading all the comments i am making another because i just have to say that i can't wait... i'm super excited for the babe and hopefully you will feel up to going on vacation next year after your baby pops out. you and talk to you later.

handwork4u said...

Jess - Congratulations on the new addition! Very very exciting. Your blog is way cute.

Darlene (ogals)

handwork4u said...

Jess - Congratulations on the new addition! Very very exciting.

Darlene (ogals)

Anonymous said... THIS is why we got the special e-mail invite to visit your blog again. ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!! Funny I was just thinking yesterday that you might be pregnant! hahaha. So is that a picture of yours?

BTW--did you know LAURIE is preggos too?!!!!! YIPPEE!!! You need to visit our yahoo group more often. ;) And add your blog as a link to the group.

Love ya! Kimmy

Tara said...

Ok, I'm now jealous, do I need to get pregnant and make a creative announcement to get this many comments on my blog? It's nuts! You loved person you!!! We are DONE having kids, so I guess I will have to settle with the comments I get, and just swim in my envy of how popular YOU are! :) You know I love ya!