Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barbie in the Wind

I love this picture SO MUCH. I don't really know what, I just do. I love that both Kora and Barbie's hairdos are blowing in the wind. I love that there is a mini barbie right next to the real barbie. I love that they are all THREE looking outside with the window down. I love that the day is overcast and you can almost FEEL the wind on Kora's face. I love how you can smell the October air. It's just so perfect, what a perfect thought. Next time I'm driving, I might just stick my barbie out the window too!


Lindsay said...

it seems like a hun-duddle-lun song would be playing during this picture. haha...i like it too.

Tara said...

oh, the memories of Barbie...... I remember doing the same thing. :) I agree with Lindsay, she needs a theme song. :)