Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tag Shmag...

I am usually 100% against doing these sort of things, but this one is a little more unique and interesting so I GUESS I'll participate. Here goes, get ready to think I'm really odd...
1. I play with my hair WAY too much
This one's not a HUGE deal, but it's something about me that I think is a little annoying. I ALWAYS play with my hair and especially when I'm telling a story I'll grab a handful of it and just stroke it, in a weird sort of way. I think it makes me calm down because I can be a bit animated when relaying a story to someone. I also like to grab it all together in a big bunch and twist it and then stroke it over and over...weird huh, I'm so not normal. When I'm reading something on the internet I'll just grab a small handfull and twist it and play with the bottom section that looks like a paintbrush. I even like to rub the paintbrush end over my mouth. I love standing in front of the mirror and trying out different hairstyles and junk like that too! I don't know exactly what this picture is of, but I like it.

2. I make almost everything into a song.
This is probably the thing that my kids think is most annoying about me. When they come tell me a story, or ask me a question, I usually respond in a song with my answer or even just repeat what they have said with a song. I also tend to listen to something someone else is saying and then find parts of their story that are actually lyrics to a real song and start singing that one. I do my best to hide this odd character trait to friends, but in front of my family it's a free for all and I just let the notes fly out of my mouth.

3. I'm OBSESSED with everything Disney Channel.
This is where I start getting weird. This channel is on our television from the moment we wake up until bedtime. I am constantly watching all the shows they have and I LOVE them. I love how quirky and awkward they all are. I'm also obsessed with all the songs (of course) and even the theme songs to all the shows. I love the Jonas Brothers, Corey in the House, Raven, The Suite life of Zac and Cody, all the Disney Channel specials like Goosebumps and Halloween Town. I'm especially in love with Hannah Montana and everyone on that show. I want to meet everyone in the show and be their friend!! haha. I think Hannah Montana is soo cute and I'm even a little jealous of her because she has such a great little gig there with Disney! What makes it worse is that I want to BE on the Disney Channel and it would be my life long dream to play a character in one of their silly shows..I know, I know, I'm ridiculous but seriously...I would love it!

4. A lot of things make my teeth hurt.
I always say this and people look at me like I'm a psycho, but it's true. The feeling and even the sound of socks on carpet make my teeth hurt. Touching the material that backpacks are made of makes my teeth hurt. Erasers erasing a chalkboard make my teeth hurt. Looking at a Popsicle and how it has splintery sections makes my teeth hurt. Long fingernails touching paper makes my teeth hurt. Feet touching other feet make my teeth hurt. The list goes on and on...just ask Austin. I found a picture of some dentures for this one, but it made my teeth hurt looking at it so I didn't upload it.

5. I love popping things.
I share this weird obsession with my sister Amy who also enjoys this hideous act. There's something liberating about squeezing a zit and watching it explode. The best ones are the ones loaded with thick white cheese that either squirms out like a worm, or shoots the mirror you're looking into. My favorite things to pop are zits, black heads, bug bites, blisters, and boils.

6. I love gore and gross bloody scenes.
When I did a google search for a picture for THIS, I found some interesting things that I would enjoy looking at, but maybe not everyone else so I didn't post one. I always get mad at all the stupid cars who hold up traffic starring at a car wreck, but once I get up there, I'm doing the SAME THING. I love drama and seeing really gory gross things. I LOVED working at restland because I got to see some of the most interesting circumstances of death and it was soo neat to see and learn about how the body reacts to trauma. I love hearing about car accidents and things like that. I'm morbid, I know.

That's all!
I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't want to be as annoying as the person who tagged me. hahaha


Amanda said...

You are weird! HA! I might have that zit popping thing in common with ya!

Lindsay said...

i'm NOT annoying... but if i were then... okay sorry i tagged you... that IS a bit annoying... But i liked the topic so i thought you'd enjoy writing about your weird things... i forgot about my obsession with morbid things. How? i'll never know. Remember that one time when we pulled over to look at that scary dog who had died while barking viciously at a car? it looks so angry but it was frozen in time...oh, yeah... and you kicked it!!! weirdo. :)

Lindsay said...

also... i'm mad at that zip picture because i want it to be real so i can POP IT!!!! yuck!!! it needs it soooo bad!!! honestly. (OH! and the doll head is scary...) that's all.

Tara said...

VEEERY INTERESTING JESS. That zit picture makes me want to throw-up. That is one of those things that SO grosses me out, but feet do not, and it seems like you and Lindsay share the feet-are-yucky thing? :) hmmmmm....Oh ya, and we are nickelodeon fans here, I love Drake and Josh, and of course spongebob. :) My neighbor tells me I really need to watch the Disney chanel, now that you mentioned it, I think I might have to. I also love how you and Lindsay sing your responses to people, that is a pretty fun trait to have. You are an interesting person, glad I know you! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, Jessica! I could have written your Disney Channel one!! I actually posted about Hannah Montana on mine and used the SAME picture!! That cracked me up! I want to be on Disney Channel, too. Shhh, don't tell!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, and I love popping zits.

Amy Herfurth said...