Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bright Eyed and...CrAzY

Paw Paw bought some crazy glasses for Jake today because they would be good Harry Potter glasses which is what he wants to be for Halloween. The glasses had eyeballs in them and once we popped them out, everyone had a little fun with the eyes.
Austin looked very scary in the eyes and almost psychotic.

I looked very alien with them.

Miah resembled a sloth.

Kora looked like a cute little bug.

Jake looked like he should be in an insane asylum.

MawMaw looked like Spongebob.

PawPaw looked like he would be neighbors with Jake in the insane asylum.

And Roscoe...well he just looked annoyed.


Tara said...

Ya, those sure are some CRAZY eyes. But why do you guys STILL look SO gorgeous, you just can't hide how beautiful everyone is even with insane eyes! But I have to say, your dad looks the hottest for sure with those eyes. ;) ....... and Rosco comes in second....

Amanda said...

HA! Okay.... those were really fun!

Unknown said...

Spencer really enjoyed these!!! haha. I did too. Funny how your comments on each picture really is what they look like. Your mom does resemble spongebob! :D

Lindsay said...

those are soo funny..daddy looks like a killer...and so does austin...funny how cute kora still looks...hmm..