Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's hard bein' one handed

Kora's been doin pretty good only havin one hand to function with. Here's a picture of her after the long day of crying and screaming. This was the night it happened and she just pooped out.

Having only one hand didn't stop her from wanting to be crafty the next day. She decided she wanted to bead some bracelets so she used her foot to hold the pipe cleaner while the other hand strung the beads...very smart!

Here's a picture of the hand when we unwrapped it the day after the burn. It looks good to me, I was worried it was going to be more gray and charred so this was a blessing when we took it off. The blisters on the palm and fingertips haven't popped yet, and I'm dreading when they do because the Dr. said we'll have to clean it day and night...*shiver* That hurts me just thinkin about it.


Lindsay said...

poor sweet kora... that makes me so sad for her... tell her about my hand and how i would sing to make myself feel better during the cleanings...she'll need something to take her mind off of the pain. :(

Amanda said...

AAAHHH! I can't even look at that:( POOR BABY! I showed P this picture to once again drill into his brain the Dangers of the kitchen!!!! Then he spent 20 minutes looking at EVERY picture on your blog, making each one bigger, and wanted me to tell him the story of each one!

Tara said...

OHHHH Poor Kora!!!! It makes my heart hurt to see her sweet little body alseep after such a painful experience and then to see her hand. poor thing!!!