Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today is the day, the first day of the last year in my twenties...yikes. I've been told by many many friends that the 30's rock, but I can't help but be scared to enter them next year so I'm satisfied by being able to say I'm still "twenty-sumthin". I'll build up to that big 3-0 over the course of this year as I approach it.

My most favorite birthday memory I have was when I turned 16 and my parents had a limo pick me and a few friends up from school. It took us to the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown and afterwards back to my house for a sleepover. Well, I can officially say that that birthday experience is no longer #1 because this year took the gold.

Last night was my little birthday celebration with my sweet little family and Austin got me flowers AND a deeeeee-licious birthday cake from Texas Star Bakery. It was almond flavored with chocolate icing and then topped with chocolate dipped strawberries which are my absolute favorito! I was really impressed with his organization skilz this year because usually he's runnin to CVS the night before to get me somethin. I DO have to say a special thanks to some girls at his work who "helped" him be a better husband. Thanks Candace and Mirna (sp?) !!! Hopefully he'll keep it up through the years seeing how happy I was with this! He also ordered me some really cool new Mizunos so my feet will stop aching everytime I work out. I needed 'em badly. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I got to blow out six yellow and pink candles that Kora chose (one of my favorite numbers and birth Date). It was really special and meant so much to me that my family went through all of this to surprise me! Thank you family!

Today, we dropped the grubs off at Keith and Kim's house and we are having a kid free day together. We went to Firewheel mall and walked around and I got a really cute hat with my birthday money. I had more to spend but for some reason whenever I HAVE money, I never want to let it go...funny how that works. We came home after lunch and shopping for me to take a much needed nap and for Austin to watch his Texas/OU game. I was whining this week because I knew he was going to watch his game during MY day and take a chunk out of MY attention, but it all worked out for the better because I'm feeling sick anyway and couldn't have gone full throttle doing and whole bunch of stuff all day, so I forgive him *wink*

Tonight we're gonna go to some Brazilian restaurant - ya know the ones where they come around and bring all sorts of meat to your table and you can just pig out like a beast in the wild? So that's exciting and...that's about it. It's perfect. A perfect birthday for a shiney and new 29 year old momma. Here are some pictures from the celebration!
The cake slid around a bit in Austin's truck on his way home which would explain the messy state it's in. Boys just aren't used to driving with cakes ya know?


Tara said...


Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That cake sounds so YUMMY! Glad you had a great #29!

Lindsay said...

i love the card... HA. How sweet of Austin....I wanna take a handful of that cake and eat it like an animal...mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Happy Birthday. I thought of calling you on Saturday, then I didn't get to it because Conference started eevrything starts rolling from there nad I forgot about it by the end of the day. I should have done it right when I remember. Anyways,I am sure glad you have a good one, and your cake makes me want to take a bite!!!