Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"I want some crunchy ice cream!!"

On Monday, me, Kora and Milo had to go run a few errands and the whole time we were out, Kora kept telling me that she wanted some crunchy ice cream. This wasn't the first time she had asked for crunchy ice cream so it wasn't the first time I was still completely confused as to what crunchy ice cream was. I kept asking her what color it is and all sorts of things to try to find out what it was and how she knew about it. FINALLY, she explained that when we went to Disney Princesses on Ice, she ate crunchy ice cream. So then it hit me, crunchy ice cream was a snow cone!! Before we went to get crunchy ice cream, we stopped at McD's to play and eat.

After that, it was over to Bahama Bucks for one blue raspberry crunchy ice cream and one orange crunchy ice cream. The kids loved it and they both ate the entire cup full!!

Miah got it all over his shorts and shirt and seat, but who cares...it was CRUNCHY ICE CREAM for cryin out loud!!


Unknown said...

Ok, I love love love that top picture of Miah. He is such a cutie! What fun!

Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!! Who would have known that a shaved ice is crunchy ice-cream??? all our sno-ice places are closed already.

Lindsay said...

this is so great...i like how if little kids don't know what something is they think of something like it and then start calling it whatever they want...Oh, and then they expect you to know what it is they are talking about...those snow cones look soooooo good. i want one...miah's especially.

Tara said...

I love that about little kids, even though sometimes it takes me quite a while to figure out what Josh is asking for, a 5 yr old sees the world at a different angle than we do. :) Kora is too much!!! Miah looks like a doll! Love his hat! I need one to go with Eddie's costume. where did you find it?