Monday, October 29, 2007

From one the next!

Tomorrow Kora's class is having a Halloween party so they asked the kids to come dressed up. They were only allowed to dress as a biblical character or a community helper so Kora chose Mary. Well, first she chose Jesus, but I felt it may not be the best idea so I persuaded her to choose to be Mary. It didn't take much, all I had to do was tell her she would get to carry her baby with her and she was in!
We gathered the items to create her "Mary" look and in just a few moments, she transformed into this sweet loving person. Her whole personality changed as she proudly went from room to room in the house to show everyone her Mary garb. She had this sweet shy thing going on and for a moment I thought maybe she really was an angel.
After we got the costume all ready, we took it off and laid it out for tomorrow. That's when this happened...
My sweet Mary turned into a high heel wearin, skull sock sportin, polka dot panties, naked chic sittin in my closet. When I saw her in this I laughed and told her I wanted to take a picture, but then she started making all these overly sexy faces and poses and I started feeling like my innocent picture taking was going in a bad direction. I decided NOT to post a picture of this side of Kora because it was just too not right. Plus I didn't want some gross man to stumble across my website and like her picture a little TOO much. I really hope this isn't a sign of her future, my goodness. Good grief Kora, how can you be so sweet one minute and then make me SOOOO worried the next?!!?!


Lindsay said...

OH kora...(shaking my head) You are a crazy nut...please don't grow up slutty. hahaha :)

Lindsay said...

it was a picture of mica's friend's turtle... she took a picture because he was cute.