Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Contest

We are having a contest in the Lowe Home and we need EVERYONE to participate. Come on all you silent blog stalkers, it's time to voice your opinion!!
We as a family carved 2 pumpkins for FHE tonight and we want you to judge them and tell us which one is your favorite. The voting will end tomorrow evening at 5pm central time so don't be late! Once we have the winner, we will tell you who did what. All we need from you is either a comment or an email with your vote, A or B.


While you're busy thinking about your vote, here are some cute pictures to enjoy. Miah wearing this mask is HUGE because he is absolutely 100% terrified of ALL masks and especially the scary ones. He even freaks out if I tell him I want him to wear one of my Princess wigs. I think after all the tormenting and torturing PawPaw has been to doing to everyone here with his scary props and masks, Miah FINALLY warmed up to the idea and tried one on. He has it on a little upside down, but hey...baby steps people!

We also made toasted crunchy pumpkin seeds which we do every year as a Halloween tradition. They are SOOO yummy and oily and salty...mmmmmmmm.

The three pumpkin nuts posed for a sweet picture on the porch with the pumpkins after everything was said and done. It was a really fun night! If you'll look in the bottom left hand corner of this picture you'll see Miah's pumpkin he colored tonight while we all carved and also another look at pumpkins A and B.


David and Teresa said...

I vote for A. It is so very original and cute. Wait now I like B. It is so scary and sick looking. Can I vote for both? Paw Paw

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

okay yea..so that's not going to work dad. you have to write back and either choose one or the other. if you don't, your votes cancel out each other and it's a no vote.

David and Teresa said...

Well, I like them both but if I must choose one I will go with A because I know the "history" of A and the sweetest of the pumpkin A touches my heart. B do not be sad because I love you too but the owners of the contest say I must only choose 1. I love both of the carvers of both of the A and B. I do love the throw up of B. That is original to me. Love Mawmaw

Amy Herfurth said...

1st place - B...for originality!

I have no idea who carved what...thats my unbias opinion!

grammie said...

I vote for Pumpkin B. Nancy P

David and Teresa said...

OK my vote is for pumpkin A.

Lindsay said...

I vote for pumpkin B. i also liked pumpkin A though and before i scrolled down to look at B i was originally going to vote for A... yes i know... it doesn't matter.. i can only vote for one so... PUMPKIN B is my final answer.

grammagina said...

I vote for A. I like the cute one, but I do like b. It is different.


Unknown said...

They are both so cute! We were gonna do one like B too cause I saw the idea of tv, but Spencer wanted a "ghost" face. :D

I vote for B!!!

Unknown said...

BTW--Kora would fit right in w/my boys. The first thing they do when they come home is take off their clothes! haha

Enos Heinzen said...

I vote for A.....because he told me to.