Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloweeny Cupcakes!

While my mom was in Utah, she picked up this cute magazine that explained how to create some ghoulishly delicious Halloween cupcakes. Sorry Lindsay if we beat you to it, but tonight we made some super freaky and fun delights! MawMaw was the ring leader and took Kora to the grocery store to get all the needed items. Jake, Kora and MawMaw were the hardest cupcake makers I've ever seen and their work paid off!! Just see for yourself!
This is the magazine with the examples.

Kora probably had more icing on her face, hair and hands than on the cupcakes but it was all good.

MawMaw paid close attention to detail as most MawMaws do.

Jake was doing so well creating his own Halloween designs.

The mortician/funeral director of the family had to make the tombstones just right!

Kora's favorite were the pumpkins and making silly faces on them with the mini chocolate chips.

I liked the bats, simple but sweet.

Here are the finished cakes with the two cake makers. Jake's sportin' the Harry Potter look.
Aren't my children creative?!

They also are very giving and decided to make a plate for our neighbors and take it to them. The little neighbor girls LOVED the surprise!

Thanks MawMaw for being such a fun helper since the mommy of the kids is being tired all the time!! We love you!! Don't you like how Miah's little head is poking in the bottom of the picture? His favorite part was eating the finished cupcakes and toppings.


Camilla said...

those look delish!!

Tara said...

That looks like so much fun! You are such a good mom. My poor deprived kids, the counter is still covered with paint cans, and we have yet to do pumpkins! :(

Amanda said...

Looks like a lot of work, mess, and FUN!

Unknown said...

wow--those turned out sooooo great!!!

Lindsay said...

AWWWWWW...(adding to my official list of things i've missed out on and will probably have to do by myself since my family is away..) I wish i'd been able to help!!! i love those cupcakes... i'm making them for my work buddies on wednesday also known as HALLOWEEN. that's all.

Unknown said...

hey jess, when yall move to virginia, is austin going to quantico? just wonderin where abouts you'll be. i was just showing brian your cute blog and told him yall will be moving up here next year.

molly said...

fun cupcakes! also, congrats on the pregnancy!

Lindsay said...

speaking of STALE posts...hmmm.