Sunday, September 30, 2007

The top ten words I love

Here is list of words I LOVE to use or have heard others use and want to adopt them into my own vocabulary.

1. Cash - This needs so explanation we all know what it is and we all want more of it. This word has always been my favorite word for as long as I can remember. I like this word because it sounds SO good when you say it. Try it yourself, really slowly - Caaaasshhhhh really accentuate that "shhh" sound.

2. Minutia - pronounced MEN-OO-SHA and it means, precise details; small or trifling matters. This is a word I heard someone else say today at church and I was envious that they were able to throw it into regular conversation so nonchalantly.

3. Like - We all know this word and I don't really like it because of the way it sounds or it's meaning, it's just a good filler word. Beware though, using this word too much can make you sound like totally, like stupid.

4. Freak or Freakin' - Whoever the person was that transplanted this word into the world to use instead of that other one that sounds very similar, was a GENIUS. I love this word because it helps in the excitement of storytelling, the release of frustration and many other emotional expressions while still staying G rated. Try saying this word without flinging your bottom lip out from the grasp of your teeth, it's almost impossible. Doesn't it feel liberating?

5. Mother - I know what you're thinking, but your wrong. I don't like this word because it's what I am, I like it for a completely different meaning than that of the maternal parent. I love to use this word when I see something that blows my mind or tantalizes the 5 senses. I usually pair this word with an "OH" or "HOLY" For Example: Kora and I see a spider the size of Texas in the corner of the garage, the SAME garage I JUST walked through only several inches away from the hideous spider, I then exclaim, "OH MOTHER...!!" Caution: try to avoid pairing this word with my favorite word number 4. Things can possibly become misunderstood and may jump to the PG-13 level.

6. Lou - This is more of a name than a word, but it's very versatile. None of my children are named this, but they are all called this name in some form or fashion on a day to day basis depending on my mood. Here is a short list of the many versions I use of this word for all three of my children: Louie, Lou-Ann, Loufert, Louise, Lou Lou, Lou-ander, Livy Lou, Lou-boo, Jigalou, Lou-bug, Lou-bean, etc. etc. Just whatever seems to fall out of my mouth that day, works.

7. Strewn - Meaning to scatter or sprinkle. I like this word because most of the things in our upstairs apartment home look very much like this word at most times. Legos, Miah's underwear, Kora's 5,000 outfits a day, backpacks, folders, Important papers I'm supposed to sign and return to school but never will, princess parties junk, toothbrushes (I don't know where they come from but we always seem to have about 3 times as many as needed), markers and other various crafting supplies, blankets and pillows (why do we have so many?), dirty sippy cups that have mold growing inside of them, dirty AND clean clothing piles, and many many other items - I could go on and on.

8. Scandalise - Meaning: to shock or horrify by something considered improper. Oooohh, this one is a good one. I love this word because everyone that knows ME, knows that I LOOOOVE gossip. Whether it be good and mushy or bad and gooey, any kind of gossip is fun and ESPECIALLY the scandalise kind. Even if it's about someone I don't personally know, I love delving into a good story! If you say you don't like gossip, you're lying because everyone wants to know the E True Hollywood story about people, am I right or am I right?

9. hmm...okay never mind...this is only the top 8 of my favorite words. I can't think of anymore right now and the lasagna is done and I'm hungry. I'll post more later!



Amanda said...

YOu crack me up!

Lindsay said...

i love these picked very good ones... i need to think up some more words for my vocabulary...

Unknown said...

I said "casssshhhhh" out loud.