Saturday, September 29, 2007

An apolgy/confession

Dear Lindsay,

I'm writing you this letter because I want to apologize for breaking a promise I made to you last weekend, or the one before that - I don't remember when it was. I made a promise to you that I would start working out and REALLY cut back on my addiction to Dr Pepper but I have failed entirely.

The first week went well and I only drank water Mon-Thurs. Then Friday came along and every time I opened the fridge and saw him starring at me (the Dr) my mouth would begin watering and tingling. I could almost feel the cold touch of the brown liquid on my tongue. I could feel it sliding down my throat and tingling as the carbonation burned my mouth because of it being so strong and fresh. I could feel the freezing cold and slightly sweaty can as I imagined holding it in my hand.

What is it about the Dr? Is it the maroon color of the can? The caffeine? The carbonation? The curvy white lettering spelling out "Dr Pepper" in almost a sexy and seductive way? What makes the Dr so appealing and so hard to turn away?

Every since that Friday things have gone way, way, WAY down hill for me. I haven't been working out and I've had about 62 Dr's a day. I know, I know, I said I was going to try to only have 1 or 2 a WEEK, but things have gotten just a LITTLE out of hand.

Please forgive me for deceiving you as you're probably busting your buns working out twice a day, thinking of me doing the same. We were supposed to be THERE for each other and I feel like I've let you down. Whatever you do, don't follow in my atrocious example.

To compensate for the loss of the last week of disaster, I promise to you that I'll cut down my Dr intake to only 37 Dr's a day. I promise that instead of forgetting to work out, I'll at least THINK about doing it. I promise to you that I'll change.

With love your favorite big sister, (oh come know I am!)


Dr Pepper trivia - There is no period after "Dr"


Amy Herfurth said...

after reading that, I want one!!
Its because you live in the George home, Daddy always has them around, so its easier to just open one and take a sip! If it was your house you just wouldn't buy I right!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Amy! Wait till you get your own place and don't buy them......Although I am no example I am drinking a Mt. Dew for Breakfast and just ate a brownie with homemade Choc. iceing for Breakfast! I figure it's not worse than a donut for Breakfast....I am HORRIBLE...I know:(


I say drink as many as you want! Life isn't worth living if you can't be addicted to the sweet thirst-quenching taste of Dr Pepper! Have I ever mentioned I have a tin Dr Pepper lunch box, t-shirt, and baseball cap? I'm a true addict!

Lindsay said...

Dear Jessica,
The shame i feel right now for you is great... alas, i too have failed this challenge and all day long at work i salivate over the candy jar on my buddy's desk. it's overwhelming... so overwhelming in fact that after a day of binging on chocolate covered cinnamon bears or taffy or whatever else lies on his desk... i am FORCED to work out twice that day to make up for it... i WILL lose weight!!! and so will you!!! we'll be toned and sexy before next summer... it just may take a few more Dr Peppers (deLICIOUS!!)and cinnamon bears burn off before we get there.

love your only little sister, (don't forget it)


Tara said...

I am a bad big sister too. I told my little sister I would start working hard on this hateful joke of nature we women are forced to deal with. But Lindsay will testify, sunday was awful!!! We had them over for dinner, and my own brother sabotaged my efforts! He made this SINNFUL peach pie, telling us only later that it had a whole cup of shortening in it! (I do not take any responsibility for his making this pie, even though I asked him to make it, and I made an awfully buttery and cheesy baked cheese pasta with fried chicken, but it's still not my fault!) Sorry Lindsay, I didn't help you at all either, and I broke my commitment to Mica! OK Jess, do you feel better now? You are not alone in your big-sister-failed-commitments. We just have to try again, right? btw, sounds like your affair with Dr P. is equal in passion to mine with chocolate. I feel for you!!!