Thursday, September 20, 2007

A list of junk

My pal Amanda calls this her daily 11 or something like that, but I'm just gonna call it a list of junk...

1. Got an email from Nikon saying that both of my cameras will be either repaired or replaced without any charge because they were both under warranty. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should sell the L1 to make a little dough, or just keep it as a back up.

2. Miah is doing good with potty training, he's not scared to sit on the toilet anymore. I'm not a big fan of the mini plastic kid toilets because I don't even like cleaning big toilets...why would I wanna scrape poo outta a little one? He usually tells me when he has to poo it's the pee that he likes to keep secret. It's weird because Jake AND Kora got the poo down first as well and most people say the poo is the hardest part. Maybe it's because I start with poo and end with pee instead of the other way around...enough about poo and pee...

3. I'm trying to work out on a consistent basis again. Me and Lindsay have promised each other when we see each other next Summer we will both be lookin like HOT FREAKIN MAMA'S!!! (well, she won't be a mama...yet). She and Enos are coming for Thanksgiving this year but me and Austin are going to Oklahoma to visit family and then she and Enos are not coming for Christmas so it's gonna be a full year before we see each other again....*sigh* it sucks but hopefully once everyone is done with all their schooling and military, we can all be in the same area for good...that's what I hope.

4. So I got off subject about my workout and started talking about Lindsay so #4 will be about my workout. I'm going to try to cut out sodas and only allow myself one or two A WEEK. I know, I know, it's crazy but it's for the better. Yesterday I had like 4 Cokes, isn't that ridiculous?! I really think if I cut them out for the most part I'm gonna drop at least 5 pounds just from that. Austin studies health junk and working out like a mad man every second he gets and he's found that the BEST cardio is walking on an incline at a fast pace. It's better than regular walking because it burns more fat with the incline and better than running because it's not as hard on your body. SOO, I'm gonna try to do that atLEAST 5 times a week for 30 - 45 minutes. Then I'm doing some simple arms exercises with weights for the different muscles, push ups, and LUNGES AND SQUATS...yuck, I hate that part but I was given the gift of a ghetto bootie and if I don't keep it tight, it's gonna get really jiggly (it's already headed in that direction). Now, for those of you who are gonna comment saying, " oh jess, you're so thin you don't need to workout or lose weight..blah blah blah blah..." I'm gonna go ahead and say to you...that YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ME NAKED!! I do a good job of tucking and hiding things so unless you want my next post to be a big ole nude picture of me...then shut your mouth, we all have room for improvement no matter WHAT our size is. There.

5. As I was putting Kora's clothes on her this morning while she was getting ready for school, I noticed something I had never noticed before. Kora has the TINIEST belly button (sorry for the word Julie) I have EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. It's crazy. We were both laughing about it and she asked me, "Why did Jesus do that? What did he give me the smallest one?"

6. Roscoe has graduated from sleeping in his crate at night and he now sleeps in our bed the entire night.

7. The kids are LOVING having Madi and Abby next door to play with each day. I'm also loving that they are spending more time outside being creative instead of inside watching tv or playing video games.

8. I gotta go get Kora some Soy Milk so I guess that's all for now!


Lindsay said...

i like your list of junk, i love the story about kora's button...i think i'll start giving lists as well when i have them...You'd be so proud of me... i worked out TWICE the other day... once in the morning and once in the night. i was really sore though the next day and haven't worked out for two days...but i will tonight...i promise!! okay..thats all

Tara said...

That is a cool recap, I like it. Thanks for the workout tips, I need to get my butt in gear again. Ask Austin what he thinks about the "random" incline workout on the treadmill? I heard somewhere that getting your heart-rate up and letting it go down, then back up, etc, burns more? So I have always done the "random hill" workout speed walking, but what does he think? anyway, again, great post, fun to read! :)