Friday, June 8, 2007

A day at the Greenberg's

On Wednesday we went to visit Jeremiah's foster family. It was interesting to see how Jeremiah acted, he definitely wasn't himself but he was also feeling a little sick still I think. After being SUPER shy and timid the first 20-30 minutes, he finally warmed up and was playing chase and hide and seek with Larry, his foster father (in the orange striped shirt). He had a good time bringing out all the toys and playing with them with April who is the daughter in law of the foster family (with her hair pulled back playing toys with the kids). I got only ONE picture of the foster mother, Vicki, but I'm going to respect her request and not post it. She's a little camera shy!! We had a good time seeing them and I think they LOVED seeing Jeremiah.

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Lindsay said...

these are so incredibly sweet!!! i love 'em!