Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another day with more rain and no pictures :(

Well, we tried to make the day more interesting by going to a local bouncy house place but when we got there it was such a let down. The place was no where NEAR the size of what we're used to. It was so small and didn't have many GOOD bouncy things. Once again, there I was missing Fort Worth. The kids had an OKAY time, Kora was extra whiny today and complained about everything and Miah was terrified of the bouncy place (like usual) but I bounced with him and did the slides with him so he eventually warmed up. By the time we left (which wasn't too long after we got there) Miah was crying because we had to go so I think he did start enjoying the place.

Next door to the bouncy house place there was a gymnastics place. Jake has been wanting to start gymnastics ever since he joined in on Kora's last day of class so I stopped in to get some information. Well, it turned out that they were having their 7 year old boy class starting in about an hour and they asked Jake to come back and join in to see if he liked it. After dropping off the two whiny wieners, Jake and I came back to try out the gymnastics thing. Jake had SO much fun. The coach there was so nice and helpful, but also strict which I liked. He made Jake run laps, do sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and all that junk. They worked on the high bar and Jake was AWESOME at it!! On the floor for cartwheels and stuff he was a little stiff, but the coach said that was normal and if he continues to work on these things he will become more flexible with time. SOOOO, it looks like he'll be starting that soon and I'm excited about that. He needs something that is disciplined and hard but also fun and good for him.

Later we went to a Chinese buffet courtesy of Maw Maw where I taught Jake and Kora how to shoot rolled up pieces of paper through their straw. The Chinese ladies working there were probably not happy with all the tiny white balls of paper on the floor but HEY, they needed to learn someday, right? After eating WAY too much, we went home to work on Easy Bake Oven Desserts. Kora made the first one, Frosted Cinnamon Sticks, and then Jake made the second one, Devil's Food Cake with chocolate frosting. They both sound WAY better than what they tasted but I don't think the kids noticed, they just had fun cooking. Kora reminded Jake and I that this was HER Easy Bake Oven and SHE was the boss of it. When Jake was making his treat, she instructed him on how to do everything the RIGHT way. It was funny because she pointed out everything that I had told HER when she made her treat. Miah didn't cook anything, but he was our assigned "utensil licker" and he did a fabulous job on that.

I wish I had pictures of the disappointing bouncy house place, the gymnastic Jake and the Easy Bake Oven cookers and lickers, but here'll need to use your imagination.

Until Tomorrow! Tchau


Tara said...

It's so good of you to do things with the kids. I seriously feel like all I do is sit around and try to catch up on sleep while the kids play video games. With all the unexpected things happening to you guys, you are a stable, fun mom till you drop. You are inspiring Jessica!!! What lucky kids you have!

molly said...

Sounds like fun! There is this bouncy house place in Carrollton, called PUMP IT UP and Ty loves it! Although the obstacle course is kinda hard this he is so short, but he is a fearless little man. We are sick of the rain too and ready to go swimming. We are going to head to the pool tomorrow if the weather will cooperate :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have this blog so that I know what is going on with you guys. But it does make me really miss you being in Ft. Worth. You know you can always come visit and stay at my place. Don't be shocked though if I show up on your doorstep in Rockwall(of course that's after I figure out where you are, but I have my ways). It's a sunny day here today and Faith has already been in her little pool in the backyard(naked, I think she has hung around Kora too much). I hope it is sunny there too and you are having a very fun day. Miss you tons.

Lindsay said...

wow... this blog is lame without pictures.... HA. YES i was kidding... i LOVE reading about the childrens and their adventures. Tell them that Ni is coming soon!!! i can't wait for vacation!!! Crap... that reminds me.. i need to buy plane tickets. love you... and your blog.

Camilla said...

send some of your rain my way! i'm parched.