Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rain, rain, go away!!!!!

I'm getting SO tired of all this rain. Yesterday we got all ready to go to the sprayground with swimmers on and sunscreen, the whole works! We walk outside to get in the car and it starts POURING!!! Blah. Today we watched movies and played Sequence for Kids. This was Jeremiah's first time to play and he did pretty good! He got bored with it about 5 turns into the game, but that's fabulous for a 2 year old. If you don't already have this game, GO GET IT! It's such a fun game that kids LOVE and I don't get bored playing it 500 times in a row. That's about it. I really want to go swimming so hopefully we'll start seeing some sunshine here pretty soon!

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Amanda said...

I have never heard of sequence for kids.....I'll have to check it out! I am a little tired of the rain myself!!!!! My luck it will continue to rain this Friday and Saturday as we move and it will be a huge mess!