Saturday, May 12, 2007

After THREE LONG YEARS he's finally done!

Yes, I feels like we have been in school (well not "we" we...but you know what I mean) forever and it's true, it has been forever. On Friday we were finally able to lay to rest Austin's schooling career and watch as he graduated from Texas Wesleyan School of Law. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO IT'S OVER!!!!! Doesn't my graduate look so incredibly handsome. He looks like an attorney...OH WAIT, he IS!!

I've posted a picture of our family enjoying the long awaited day. It really was a joyous day even though ALL of our faces tell a different story.

Also, a picture of Austin and his mother and THEN a picture of Austin with his friend Edward. Pay no attention to all the colorful cords Edward has around his neck...he's just showing off. Austin had WAY too many to even wear! *wink*


Lindsay said...

WOW... it DOES feel like a long time. tell austin i really admire his hard work and it gives enos and i hope for our long school journey. Ps. i like miah's hat. :)

Camilla said...

yyyiiiiipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!congrats to austin and all of you for the big finish, thats awesome. good luck with the next phase of your lives, i know it will be exciting.