Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The 1st Swim of the Summer

It finally arrived, a day hot enough for me to take Kora and Jeremiah to the pool. Kora has been begging to go swimming since the end of LAST Summer and when we finally went this last Monday, she said, "I've been waiting patiently a LONG time to go swimming, haven't I?"
I was very proud of her patient waiting!
The kids had so much fun splashing around. We packed our lunches and just enjoyed the day with NO PARTY CALLS!!! The only bad part were the kids at the pool who kept stealing Kora and Miah's lunch...arrgg...their dad was in la la land not paying attention and one kid even went so far as to take Miah's sandwich right out of his hand!!! Don't worry, I got it back! no attention to the bootie you see in the background of Miah's picture...I didn't realize I was capturing that poor woman's bum. Oh well, if mine looked that cute I'd sneak it in other people's pictures too!!

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Lindsay said...

again... miah's faces here cannot be beaten... they make me laugh so hard.