Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby Jake is 7!!!!

Friday was also an eventful day because we celebrated Jakob's 7th birthday after the graduation. We all went to eat at Mi Cocina and Jake got many wonderful presents!! Not only did he get XBOX 360 games AND mula to buy MORE games, he also got a new t.v. for his room that's ALL HIS!! So now he can play his games and be left alone by the two additional cubs we have living here. Well...not you can see Miah has set up shop right next to Jake's game chair!
Jake decided that this year he didn't want a big party with a lot of friends and family. Because Pirates 3 is coming out soon, he decided to invite a few of his favorite friends to go see it and then we'll have cake afterwards. You'll be seeing those pictures in early June so be waiting!

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Lindsay said...

awww... this kinda makes me sad because i remember holding Jake at the hospital. he was so sweet. He's such a boy now... i love him anyway though. happy birthday jakob!!! we love you!!!