Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what's one jessica's phone (because of you edition).

hello all.
my apologies for missing last week's linkup.
i'm not really sure what happened.
i woke up in a fog
wearing nothing but my gold leggings
and a sequined bandeau top.
anyway, i'm back and ready to attack this week.
i'm gonna mix it up today and show you pictures of
things people have texted ME.
for some reason i get a lot of interesting paraphernalia sent my way.
wonder why, hmmm...?

go HERE if it's your first time to play.
let's do this.
this wasn't actually a picture sent to me,
but a text from miah's foster mom
telling me about a restaurant in dallas called,
lover's egg roll.
maybe if i go eat there my "cravings" will be satisfied?

sent from michele:
a book.
about a nose.
because i admire hers so much.
it even has a toucan on the front.
how fitting.

this is michele's new kitty.
a.k.a, revenge for me when i stay there
for always making fun of her perfect nose.

from kathy:
MY plate wall inspired HER plate wall.
all because tara's plate wall inspired me.

sent from my sister amy:
our family photo was given an award from the PPA
and it's in a published book.
we're kinda famous like that.
or at least my sister is.

sent from bonnie:
mister fischer.
who wears guppy ruby's clothes
and looks mi-t-fine in them.

bonnie always sends an array of nice photos.
anywhere from tasty hot sauce,

to shirts i should wear with my gold leggings,

to magnets that i need
but she didn't buy for me.

she's also slightly obsessed
(and by slightly i mean insanely)
with the blog, damn you auto correct.
she likes to send me her submissions.
as if i'm just as entertained as she is.

the lowe family at BLOOOOOOODSPOT.

and she's married to this dude.
this is dave.
she craves dave.
but she prolly didn't when he looked like this.
before he grew his hotness.
i like your nostrils dave.

from cleo:

this is her bewtcut.
he's about to be DE-man'd.
and i think he may be a tad nervous.
what's under that paper sheet bewtcut?!?

this is cleo acting like a west side gangster
who wears flower'd beanies and aeropostle sweatshirts.

this is cleo's front yard.
this is ALSO why i hate cold weather
and will never live in utah.

from natalie:

we live in texas.
we have massive amounts of big guns.
and we have bobcats as guard kitties in our front yards.
yeah i know. we're hardcore.

from mia:

my name is mia and i am perfect.
i wear perfect clothes.
i have perfect hair.
my makeup is perfect.
my children dress perfectly.
i'm a perfect friend.
and on some days, when i'm bored,
i make perfect pies for no good reason.
then i text them to my friends,
but i don't share.
not now, not ever.
no way.
get real.

izey and maile actin all justin timberlake'y in h&m.

this is why i love mia.
not only does she find me cute clothes to buy
that are incredibly cheap.
she also finds sustenance for my allergetic chid.
(yes i made that word up. i think.)

ur wonderful.
(and i don't like hugging really even)

as mia stated in the accompanying text,
"i'm pretty sure kelly osborne's head was airbrushed onto this body"

kelly osborne?
or a bratz doll?

i dunno...

from demerry:

so demi is like smokin hot.
and she likes to send me pictures of herself.
to make me jealous i think.
(it's working)
but if i looked like that i would too.
check out that middle picture.
that is before any makeup or hair fixing.
are you kidding me?!
freak dude.

demerry has 5 kids.
(because her husband thinks she's just as hot as i do)
one is not pictured.
another one IS pictured but obviously not a favorite.
demi said she asked for "bed head" on pajama day.
suuuuuuure demi.
if that makes you feel better about electrocuting your child.

and as always, the best for last
sent in by paige:

this is a car she came across in california.
someone has stolen our entire family's identity.
be sure to check out the license plate cover.

your turn!
show me what's on your phone, linkup, show love to others who play, and spread the word with that fancy button on the left hand side!!


Irreverent Wife said...

Wow! My plate wall is famous now. Yay! I love/hate those pictures of Demi. Seriously. I wish I looked like that. Cleo looks bada**. I feel moderately bad for bewtcut, but I am a big advocate of the man taking care of that business, so not too bad.
Love the mini van. Kora is in the wrong spot, but otherwise perfect-O!

Kate said...

The namaste foods blondie mix is pretty tasty too! I bake it and cut it into squares and then before I eat a square I put it in the toaster oven and make the edges chewy and wonderful!

Enjoy Life makes dairy/soy/gluten free chocolate chips!

Tara said...

OMG, sorry I neglected you! Ive had the low-down on ALL that gluten/dairy/egg free food for years! The nuggets are Eddie's fav.
And thanks for the mention of the plate wall, maybe I should make you a plate just for that? hmmm...can I be as creative as Lindsay when it comes to road-kill art? not likely, but I could try... :)
That fam picture rocks, has been a favorite of mine. So proud of you guys, Amy's talent, and your ability to produce a family crazy enough to inspire such art! ;) *muah sista*

Kris said...

That license plate is really freaky! Glad you gave up your gold leggins for the day and came back!

Jennifer said...

I'm on my way to stealing your plate wall too. It is inspiring.
Bed head girly made me laugh out loud. That's great!
Kelly Osborne def looks like her head was put on that body. She looks like a bobble head.

Unknown said...

That was fun! I'm not sure a tour on my phone would be as entertaining!

dena said...

FREAKY! entire identity is right. down to the genders of the kids, the adoption plate, austin in shorts with ankle socks and shoes?, the mouse ears?, the fact that it's a minivan? ;) it is a CRAZY coincidence!

Betsy said...

1: I need to start sending you odd photos now ;) because it's too hard (aka, I'm too lazy) to get them off my phone to do a linkup (you and your smart-phones!)

2: that car is like, super creepy. I think you moved to cali, not texas. Or! Better story - i think you should go with this one... someone is SO OBSESSED with your blog, that they've modeled their car after it. Because you're THAT famous. You have impersonators. that's the one I'm going with it at least.

A Beautiful Life said...

holy Lover's Eggroll?? perfection. i can't believe your identity was stolen, or that you showed Bewtcut about to get all cut up. LOL. and you best watch out, it gets serious when i pull my hoodie over my head.
Demi needs to be punched in the face for being so hot, no fair. ;)
i think you SHOULD change it to .bloodspot., i'd certainly visit more often.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

LOL this was a fun change...LOVE YOUR GUTS...why is it I don't have your number so I can send you fun show off worthy pics :) he he he!

Valinda said...

I can't wait to see you in that shirt with your gold leggings in the dress up pictures tomorrow!! You're gonna look super hot!! I kind of feel bad for Bewtcut, I'll bet he had NO idea that his de-mannning picture was going to be famous.

Kristina P. said...

Kelly Osbourne has gotten immensely skinny, but she looks like a Bobble head!

Rachelle said...

Whoa buddy, that license plate is craaazy eights.

I'd add my phones pictures but well, a lot of them include photos of my Dad's arm when he tried to fix my car, and well my car tried to eat his arm. Pretty gory I'd hate to scare all your friends off.


Nicole Dianne said...

kelly osborne pic made me laugh out loud. stinkin hilarious!
I'm having autocorrect issues myself, that blog is great, and the license plate, what the crap? that's trippy!!

Lindsay said...

i definitely love me some lowefamilynews.bloodspot.com. mmm.

Unknown said...

i read through that whole post, and all i saw was that you gave me a cyber hug. (because i know you aren't a hugger...)
oh, and that you love me.
i love this post.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i'm late but you know I'm on AK time :)

Estell said...

ok so mid-reading this, I had to stop at the Autocorrect site and i spent almost an hour crying and laughing over this stuff...I swear :'D
You makes me happys. haha
Also I want that texas magnet...just need to move to texas lol
And that is really creepy...too much of a coincidence..HAH

Angela said...

Just so you don't lose sleep worrying over my health, 40 degrees for us is HOT, we measure in Celsius. It's like 104 for you I think...
Ang xxx

Froggylady said...

That plate is really creepy! A little "not-so-single with 5 kids" white female action happening there.

These posts make me feel so lame because my phone takes crappy pictures AND I have not freaking clue how to upload them to a computer. Maybe this next deployment I can convince C that I need a new fancy phone all for the sake of blogging.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

The car with the stickers is insane! What are the chances! And then the license plate...but not only that, the license plate frame! Crazy craziness!