Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what's on jessica's phone - linkup!

this past week i spent hanging out
with one of my favorite people
and her lovely family.
they were so kind to share their thanksgiving with us.
and just to be fair and give thanks,
we shared our sicknesses with them.
it was awesome.
this is my bonnie.
this is my bonnie cooking with my penny.
this is bonnie's fischer.
mither fither to be exact.
he's delicious to the taste.

these are
the troops that followed us around
asking for food and drinks the whole week.

this is bonnie and i cutting onions.
her mom told us to stick bread in our mouth
to keep from crying.
but the only thing it did

was give us soggy bread mouth.
and a funny picture.

this is my white trash baby
drinking coke out of a bottle.
dublin dr pepper.

which makes it ok.

or at least thats what i keep telling myself.

this is my guppy lyn.
he's getting so big now.
and so faux.

this is me and morgan

trying to make bonnie jealous.
it worked.

this is isaak's bowl of chips
that he hid in the oven.
we found it after we preheated to make cookies.
don't tell grandma.

these are my sweet brother babies.
they like to dress alike.
or maybe i just like to dress them alike.
i can't remember.

and the best for last?

this is me,
in grandma's shoes that she let me borrow.
i was hot that day.
real hot.
like, "i'm a hospital nurse" hot.
but not the sexy kind.

your turn friends-o-mine.
i can't wait to see what on YOUR phone!


Justine said...

I never heard of the bread in your mouth while you cut onions...and LOL to the hot bowl of chips. At least now they're super crunchy?

Just Better Together

Missy said...

You should see my hospital nurse shoes. Not. Pretty.

Michael DeSa said...

I can't BELIEVE Gus is so big! Come baaaaack!!!

A Beautiful Life said...

orthopedic shoes are all the rage now, dontchya know.
i love faux hawk guppy.
glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving and there is nothing like hanging with friends!!
i don't dress my kids a like. at allllllllllllllll. *dripping with sarcasm*

Unknown said...

now i know what melted bowls of chips look like.
so glad you had a fun time! i sure missed you here though.
i'm glad you are all healthy now.
i'll try and link up today.
cute pics of all your adorable kiddos.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

So glad you had an awesome turkey day!! I love the shoes I think they should be your new staple go to wardrobe item :) LOL

julielollar said...

Your kids are just to adorable! I don't think that mine have ever had Dr.Pepper in a baby bottle but I'm sure that they've enjoyed it from a sippy cup! I can't tell you how many times that some plastic dish has been melted in my oven!

Losing Brownies said...

I love this meme. You take great pictures with your phone!

Untypically Jia said...

The chip bowl in the oven cracked me up! That's awesome. I hid dirty pots and pans in there once but thankfully I didn't have it on. LOL!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Glad you guys had a great time with friends.

My husband is on the same level as Isaak because I always find stuff AFTER I have preheated the oven...you would think I would've learned to check by now.

I thought my new slippers bought for potty training a new puppy in the winter were cool, but I think you beat me in the cool slip on shoe department.

Caroline said...

Uh..this Thanksgiving afternoon I put on a burgundy velour sweatsuit that belonged to my mother so I can totally dig your shoe choice...much is excusable in the name of comfort.

dena said...

mither fither IS adorable with his bald head! i'm glad he's staying little for his daddy to come home soon.

what is in gus' mouth???????? hmm? hmm?

Estell said...

Gus looks so friggen cute with a faux hawk! and don't worry about the burning of the chips lol we accidentally spilt turkey juices all in the bottom of the oven and didn't realize it till it was on again (alotta smoke) shhh lol
and Imma have to try the bread thing..

Angela said...

I fixed up my post, I was too excited to join in, I forgot to link it up, lol. Done now.

Don't you like cats? We live in an apartment, so no dogs allowed. I'm kinda into pain too, might get the cups done again.

I'm totally having peach for my dresses, they can just deal.

Ang xxx

I like it, I love it! said...

We were just in Dublin, TX. Had a DP float. It was awesome. We stop there whenever we are going to the hubs family. Love your blog!

Unknown said...

Oh no!! The bowl of chips!!

Lindsay said...

how am i such a bad sister? i was SO behind on your blog posts its rIDICULOUS!!! like...the one right before this was the last one i read. WOW. *slapping myself*.. won't happen again. i swear (barbie arms)

Bonnie said...

How did I miss this pos? I just now saw it! I was stalking and reading all of your old posts and their comments and I came to this.

I love the pictures!! I miss my Izey Ro.