Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what's on jessica's phone - linkup!

tuesday seems to come faster and faster every week, no?
thank goodness my life is full of randomness.
and i'm out of town until next week.
so enjoy looking at this post for the next 6 days.
after folding my laundry i realized
i may have a few too many sweatshirts.
and the fact that they were all dirty only means i wear them.
a lot.
picture me all cute and dressed up.
walk in the house.
strip down.
cute clothes strewn to the side.
sweats on.
that's how i roll.

how often do you come across glass bottle'd cokes?
(yes i said "cokes" and it's a dr pepper. its a texas thing)
this kind of picture just had to hipstamatic.
and no.
i'm not driving.
we're getting the oil changed.

a week ago the kids and i
participated in the 1k fun run
for their school.
mia came to take our pictures.
but since she's holding them hostage i used one i had on my phone.

the fact that this picture proves i was grocery shopping in terrell
could be embarrassing enough.
but i had to show you their store layout.
hey sir? where is your mayo?
it's on aisle 4,
right next to the construction paper and elmers glue.

and lastly.
(i always like to end this on a good note)
guppy lyn and
his very first time using a spoon.

ok it's your turn!

link your whats on ______'s phone pictures.
i wanna see!!
be sure to tell your friends how so they can do it too,
the more the merrier.



Jennifer said...

Ha... glad I'm not the only one who immediately ditches the jeans for the comfys as soon as I walk in the door. =)

julielollar said...

I love "coke's " in glass bottles too! :)

A Beautiful Life said...

i'm so glad Lover was able to make it to the family run..that guy is a fitness fanatic. ;)
teddy brings home glass bottle cokes from south america, AND they're made with real sugar..mmmm
gussy is too big. stop it.

Anonymous said...

ha! you don't even want to know the type of nast-tastic sweats i wear when i'm not out and about. sometimes i even wear them out.

i think every photo calls for hipstamatic.

congrats on the first time spoon-usage :)

Kristina P. said...

I always laugh when I see the floating head of your husband.

Jessica said...

What kind of stroller do you have?

Jessica said...

What kind of stroller do you have?

Alexis said...

Love your blog! I'm from Canton, Tx!! Right down the road. Don't live there anymore though. But I have the Coke/Pop arguement with everyone here in OK! Coke!!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Ok, I need to do this next week! No more missing out on this awesomeness!

Estell said...

lmao friggen stores. Leave it to them to put though's together. Gus is a cutie!

Unknown said...

haha. It's such a texas thing!
Waitress: What would u like to drink?
Customer: Coke please.
Waitress: What kind?

Only in TX can there be different kinds of cokes! :)
love your blog. I followed. If you get a chance stop by mine for a visit:) btw: have a great vacation, wherever ur going for 6 days!


Losing Brownies said...

Cute pictures!

♥ Dani said...

Hi, I'm a new follower! Love this idea and I'm posting my own cell pix next. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Dr. Pepper! And in a glass bottle - probably tastes even better

I have a thousand cell phone pics currently thanks to my memory card!
So I'm guessing once you start posting the pictures, you would post whatever you have taken since the last time huh?

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I'm a new follower :) And I'm participating in your linkup.

Tiffany said...

Oh my. A fellow Texan who understands the Coke thing. Love it!

Caitlin said...

im curious about this double stroller. ive NEVER seen one like that before. where did you get it?