Friday, October 8, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner.

you guys are prolly all cozy and lovely dovey
with ur Lovers right about now.
but i'm sittin here,
with a sick tErd ball.
and a blog winner.
thank you to everyone who participated.
i loved loved loved seeing all the new faces stop by.
i hope you stick around!
(and spread the word, geeeeez freaks)

congratsy mo-nat-seeeeee to allimberi!
she was my 28th commenter
picked by randomitis.
email me allison so i can hook you up!
thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes
and thanks SO much
to little miss momma for the giveaway!
(why didn't those last two letters highlight? oddness...)

1 comment:

ashley @ little miss momma said...

YAY! Thanks for being awesome and hosting this giveaway!!!! You are lovely and beautiful and you rock!