Friday, October 1, 2010

34 years of Lover.

today is a special day.
there are only 3 hours left in this day.
but it's still special, i'm just vErY busy these days.
(to say the least)
Lover is 34.
34 years my Lover has graced this earth.
34 years he's been hot.
i'm sure about 6-8 of those years
he was adorably precious and yummy.
then like 8-10 of those years
he was terribly awkward.
but i know for a factual facty mcfacter
that for at least 20 of those years
he. was. hOt.
oh yes.
he was.
since Lover is
far far away on judea's plains,
we had to celebrate his birthday without him.
buuuuuut nooooot reeeeeeallllllly.
because we have flat Lover :)
since Lover is so silly and Loves making cRaZy faces,
we did a family photo shoot for the party.
(the babies are in bed, hence, not in the pictures)
here's Lover saying,
"i see a spider jess!!"

and then Lover begged and BEGGED
to do a gaga themed picture.
so fine, i let him.
it was his day, after all.

and then lastly
we were all laughing so hard
i just had to capture good 'ole family fun on a friday night.
this is actually my most favorite face of Lover's.
he really gets into these photo shoots.
he's a Lowe.
it's what we do.
take pictures of ourselves, ya know.

and then we lit his brownies.
that sounds really scandalous.
and we sang him a birthday song.
all marylin monroe style.
and he blew...
no wait.
he just sat there.
we kept waiting for him but he never budged.
i think he had so much fun
that he fell asleep.
with his eyes open.
so we ALL blew out his candles for him.
by the way,
grants him 4 birthday wishes.
lucky guy.
i kinda think he did that on purpose.

happy birthday my Lovie McLovester.
i so wish i could hold you and squeeze you today!
i hope your day was MAH-vuh-lous
and it rocked your face off.
we love you.
penny ro
& gussy man


dena said...

happy birthday austin! thanks for kicking off october for the rest of us pumpkin babies. hope you got to see this dorky post (ON your b'day) from your dorky mcdorkster chicklet j lowe.

Losing Brownies said...

Aww! Happy birthday to your guy! I love the birthday brownies! I'd much rather have brownies than cake!

emilysuze said...

What a lovely birthday party for your man!

Allyson & Jere said...

I so LOVE "lifesize lover" pic. It just cracks me up every time. And I especially LOVE all your funny birthday pics with him.

Yay for brownies, life size pics and a good sense of humor.

Hope his day was good, though I'm sure he wishes he could squeeze you even more than you wish it of him!

Justine said...

So sweet! I really wish he could be with you all right now.

Just Better Together

Erica said...

Ok, I just love flat daddy and I love the pics with him. You are doing such a great job documenting your time even though I'm sure you are emotonally and physically drained. I love this post. Happy birthday, austin! Come home safe!!

Unknown said...

Yesterday was my husband's birthday too, he turned 33. Next year I hope you all have a great time celebrating Lover's 35th with everyone in 3D, although Lover does look very handsome in 2D

amylouwhosews said...

You are awesome for making the most of this! you make it fun for everyone instead of sad. You are the best! miss you!

A Beautiful Life said...

you were talking in ENGLISH, that's why Lover didn't understand you. You need to talk in his native, asian tongue so he would've understood to blow the candles out. sheesh.
you're a fun mommy to make it funny and special regardless of his absence, your family is TOO CUTE!!!!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Happy Birthday to your Lover! I'm sure he'll use his 4 wishes well!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

The Housewife said...

Seriously, I want to be a mom like you. And a wife.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Happy birthday to the luckiest dad on earth! What a great family!

LisaDay said...

I hope you ate his share of the brownies.

Happy Birthday.


Jessica said...

Today was my birthday also!!!

Jimmy Carters too

Unknown said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Lover!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Lover!!!
I hope you enjoyed watching the family eat all those brownies. Never fall asleep during brownies or you will wake up and they are gone :)

Anonymous said...

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