Thursday, September 30, 2010

blog? what's that? arboretum trippy.

this week we took a trip to the dallas arboretum.
there are only two times a year
you want to go to the arboretum.
1. dallas blooms in the spring.
2. the fall when they bring out the pumpkins.
unless your sister gets married there,
then you have to go THREE times that year.
but whatever.
the last time we went,
penny guy was "in my belly".
(say that like the fat bastard from austin powers)
it's more funny if you can hear me.

the have a million kajillion billion
all colors, and shapes and sizes.
i love it.
i love orange.
i love fall.
i love october.
it was also the perfect day to be outside.
i could smell my birthday in the air.
do you ever do that?
smell holidays in the air when you go outside?
my birthday smells like
cool air.
the state fair.
everything wonderful.
guppy had a blast at the fountain.
he tried to bob for floating pumpkins.
i actually think he could have gotten one.
have you seen the size of his head?
okay then.

we met a few old/new friends there too!
izey wanted to be friends with everyone,
as usual.
but not everyone wanted to be friends with izey.
at least, not right away.

izey loved the fishies more than anything.
he couldn't stop watching them.
he'd say they were pawpaw's fishies.
do you realize how scary it was to take this picture?
to hover my phone in the air above this fish filled pond?
my bottom is tingling just looking at the pictures.
let's move on...

so don't judge me.
nevermind, i know you will.
ever since the move/Lover leaving,
izey, who was 100% weaned from bottles,
keeps getting into my diaper bag
and stealing gus' water filled bottles.
i can't bear to tell him no.
i know it's a coping mechanism.
we all have our "things" we need to do to feel better.
if i wanna make out with the babies' daddy dolls
when no one is looking,
then who i am to tell izey he can't drink from the bottles?
wait, what?
did i say that out loud?

before we left i had to get one good shot
of each baby.
in a plethora of pumpkins.
guppy was more than happy to appease me.
and according to Lover,
(because i texted him this picture)
guppy looks like an orphan.
and that's putting it nicely.
i won't say what he really called him.
he's a butt face.
i think my guppy looks mega dreamy.
but dreamy.

on the other hand,
was done with pictures.
so this is his,
"take the freakin picture lady and then leave me alone"

!yay! for fun times that make us smile.


Kristina P. said...

October truly is the best month of the year!

Val said...

you didn't call me to go? I can't believe it, I thought you meant it when you wanted to be fr-friend .
Cute pictures by the way :) !!

Valinda said...

I can smell your birthday and mine both!!!I love all the pumpkins, especially the two you're holding in the last picture ;)

julielollar said...

I love the Arboretum and October! I was married there 10 years ago on October 8th! Can't wait to take my girlies there!
Your babies look precious in the pumpkins! :)

The Nugen's said...

Yep, October birthdays are the best! Mines on Saturday! Yay! I can't believe Penny keeps those flip flops on his feet. Paddy still can't walk in the but wants to wear them so bad, guess he gets his coordination from me! :). Date soon??

Losing Brownies said...

I can totally smell things in the air. One of my favorite smells is the back to school smell. I experience it every August!

dena said...

it looks so weird to see you with two BIG boys on your lap.

zoo keeper said...

i'm sorry what did u say? i was looking at your super sexy hair.

Amanda said...

I agree with zoo keeper, your hair is rockin!!

I LOVE the fall, just wish it would get here already. I want some cool crisp air and crunchy leaves dangit.

Your babies are adorable and so are you :)

Unknown said...

what a great pic of you and the boys in the punkins. i love the look that lil blondy was giving izey. :) fun fun fun!!! so i guess you went when the others were at school?

Philpott Update said...

penny looks so much like uncle mikey! very cute. i love pumpkins

Chernobyl said...

Seriously cute. I don't get it about Gus though. It's a totally cute picture. I guess I'm missing something - wouldn't be the first time.

Stacey said...

The last time I went to the Dallas Arboretum was 17 years ago. In the spring. It was hot and stuffy. But I miss being near a really big city with lots of neat-o things to do.

Beautiful, fun pictures.

Jen said...

October is an awesome month if for no other reason that it will be my birthday in about 15 days. :)

LisaDay said...

I love fall as well and my birthday is not in smelling distance. I am glad you didn't drop your phone in the gupy-filled water.


Betsy said...

Lover's just cranky he wasn't there too! Gussy doesn't look like an orphan (or anything less-nice than "orphan") at ALL. Glad you're having fun (and aren't being drowned ;) - I'm happy I'm not being drowned either :-P)

Jason said...

I've always loved my birthday, loved that it's in the summer, loved that there are no holidays nearby to infringe on my day, but reading this, you made me wish I had a fall birthday. I love autumn, I love pumpkins, and I especially love orange. I want spice to be the scent of my birthday, too.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Oh how cute! It looks like a good time was had by everyone except maybe the new/old friend. The look he's giving your son is priceless though!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

A Beautiful Life said...

i love the smell of fall too, totally!! Guppy looks fine, whatever eggroll...Izey is so sweet bein' all friendly-like. and you look beautiful.

Marnie said...

I can't believe that you're all in shorts and flip flops. It's freakin 50 degrees here! Looks like a fun day. Your boys are adorable!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Love this post--and your little guys get cuter every day! When is your bday??

Also loving that your added the new "you might also like" widget to your blog, so now I can find other glorious posts I may have missed out on *wink*!

Justine said...

If you can smell your birthday... it must be close!

I LOVE the pumpkin patch! You can't ever be too old, right?

Just Better Together

Lindsay said...

i can't WAIT to do this with you when i move back.

Unknown said...

Wow! Those are amazing pictures and looks like a great time! Don't worry too much about the regression...we all cope in different ways. He needs a little comfort right about now...