Thursday, August 5, 2010

flashback friday: fourth of july 2010

this last 4th of july celebration
was one of my favorite ever!
we invited two families over to pig out
on bbq pulled pork sandwiches,
fruit salad,
cookies, a patriotic cake and flag cupcakes!!
soooo yummy.
sooooo yummy in fact,
i forgot to take a picture of all the food.
i just shoved it all in my face instead.
these are our friends, jeremy and shayna.
they have 2 boys + 1 girl + 1 boy growing in a belly.
i know what ur thinkin,
"NO WAY! she doesn't even look prego!"
i know, it's sickening. she's AdOraBle.

our other favorite family was the gorgeous rita and carl
MY neighbors.
i sure love these guys.
i really got lucky with them.

after dinner we loaded up in our cars,
with our blankets, chairs and bug spray,
and headed out to the football field on base
to watch the big show!

we found a cozy spot,
and plopped ourselves down.
penny was taking this vErY seriously.
when the show started,
i hit the jackpot because izey was scared of the sound
so he just wanted to cuddle with me
allllllll niiiiiiiight looooooong.
mmm. he. is. cozy.

miah, whose been scared of fireworks all his life,
was finally brave this year!
he loved it!

but let us not forget,
this boy has a sugary sweet soft side too.
and michaella, rita's girlie, is a pro at bringing it out.

hot DAMN,
i got some good lookin kids.

and a seriously FINE lookin Lover.
look at that white leggie in the background
bein all flexible and crap.

here's my little princess koko
in her fabulous pettiskirt
sent to her directly from this lady!
is it not adorable?!
she's been waiting for it for a looooooong time.
so it's a very coveted piece of clothing now.
she wishes she had 50 more
cuz she wants to wear it everyday.

the firework show was soooo romantic to me.
military families.
some families, apart.
i am so proud.

i sure love this life.
if i could,
i'd stay in this military world forever.
i am so so SO proud of this marine.

to all the airmen, soldiers, sailors
and, their families.

and we're mega hot.
yea, thats right, i said it.
whatcha gonna do about it?!
pssshhhh, whateva...


s said...

I haven't even read it yet but i noticed that no one else has commented yet and it has been much tooooo long since I was the first to comment!!! Yeahhhhhh I win I win!!

Kristina P. said...

Look at you and your sexy tattoo!

Anonymous said...

Dang I signed in with the wrong one. My youngest is sittin with me and said hey mom is that you? No no its not its the otherrrrr meeeee

Valinda said...

I think I need to take more pictures of ElCid and I so I can pretend we're as HOT as you and Lover. My kids, btw are just as cute as yours ;)

Unknown said...

SOOOO fun!! :) and LOVE kora's pettiskirt!! looks adorable! your kiddos are too cute.

Unknown said...

love you! Koko better watch out if Alison sees that skirt it might disappear.

A Beautiful Life said...

i'm thinking of buying a skirt like that for me to wear out dancing, probably in kora's size so it's super short and awesome.
Flexible white leggie..i almost peed myself.
you guys are hot, almost as hot as your tattoo, pretty sure it says, "eggroll"..;)

Rene' said...

Fun post!!!! Just dropped by from Amy's. Gotta your blog....totally LOVE your photo header!!!!!

Kris said...

I love fireworks shows, especially on the 4th if July. I bet on base it is a really cool thing. Thanks for sharing.

Shay said...

HAhahahaha! Loved the pics. That was sure a fun night and I love how you captured me not pregnant at 7 months are awesome! We'll have together soon!

Lindsay said...

what a hot white thigh. it has super powers because it's almost SEE THROUGH. ps. stop tanning. you're orange.... cute.. but orange.

andi said...

I bet that IS an awesome 4th of July experience! We love us some military folk here, too.

Brandi said...

I missed this entry and I love it!

Your kids are so yummy I just want to cuddle and love on them. And happy I got to meet Rita this last time cause her family is so loveable too.

And lover. is. hot. Can't believe you let me get so close to his hotness. You two melt me. : p

David and Teresa said...

what a cute pic of you and my sweet marine son in law. I also am VERY proud of your marine.

Love you both

Annie said...

what a beautiful family you have!! just came across your blog :)

Vera said...

I tagged you on my blog. Check it out, you Hussy.

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