Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random awkwardness

when i lived in virginia,
i felt like all the people there were blah.
they weren't exciting.
or nice to look at.
or very friendly.
they also had these banks all over virginia
called bb&t.
i nicknamed the state
the brown beige and tan state.
because that's what it reminded me of.
blah blah and blah.

turns out i have my own version of bb&t.
but mine is a lot of exciting.
and very nice to look at.
and super friendly.

izey loves swimming.
or shall i say,
especially in his pink swimmer diapers.
who knew they came gender color coded?

kora is a weirdo.
she acts like this the majority of the time.

she gets it from me.
i act like this the majority of the time too.

a few days back, jake had some friends over.
friends who don't necessarily like each other.
i don't suggest doing that.
unless of course you're kora,
who enjoyed the double dose of cute boys
a little TOO much.

as most of you know,
penny guy is trouble.
lots and lots and lots of trouble.
he can't be left out of your sight for a minute.
or this might happen.

or this.

or a busted lip.
which just makes him even MORE

so when he wants to do this,
you just let him.

sometimes i wonder
if i just think my boys are cute
cuz they're MY boys.
but then i realize,
that they really ARE cute.
and not just cute,
but kind.
and generous.
and loyal.
and courageous.
and sincere.
and spiritual.
and caring.
and much much MUCH more.
and there are 4 very lucky little ladies out there,
who have no idea how awesome
their lives will soon be.
not TOO soon.

a couple of weeks ago
Lover and i were playing crack the egg
on the trampoline.
jake was the egg we were trying to crack
i think we accomplished our mission.

sometimes Lover likes to play
video games with the boys.
and sometimes i like to watch his cute face
being all serious.
they may be 3+ years apart,
but they are almost the same size
which makes for some
good brotherly fighting!
gussy says,
"god? is that you?"

is my Lover hot or what?
and not only that,
he's pretty smart too.
he picked me didn't he?


Brandi said...

ok that last picture of you two is to DIE for! LOVE it! You look lovely and lover looks HAAAWT!! It's the uniform I think, I'm smitten with it. LOL

LOVE all the pictures of course, your boys are adorable (even in different shades) and Kora, Kora is just like her Mommy and what's not to love with that? :D


Kristina P. said...

Your house looks like it's quite the adventure.

And you two really are quite the stunning couple. I hate you.

TRES said...

You have the most beautiful BB&T Family I have seen ;)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

LOVE your super beautiful family! Always makin me smile ;)

A Beautiful Life said...

I only hope my girls can marry super cute sweet awesome boys such as yours someday...or preferrably just betroth them all, thank you kindly...

you and Lover are the hottest couple, ever.

Kathryn said...

Cute post! Love that last picture of you guys! By the way GA is full of BB&Ts too! LOL

daniella said...

I completely agree about VA. And, that's why we're moving to Hawaii in November.

In Tennessee, BB&T is called Big Butts and Titties. At least that's what Josh tells me.

Staci said...

i love lil izzy boy...and is that nail polish on his toes too?

Julesby said...

LOVE that last picture.

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

@daniella, i guess i could never live in GA then. wait, i can do the butts one. i got that goin on.

@staci, YES, penny loves his toes poilished "pink" as he always requests.

Stacey C. said...

I love your family pics!! Your kids ARE cute,yes, your DNA helps, but your right about all the other attributes too. You look like you have a really fun family too.I know your a proud mommy, as you should be, to have such cute and sweet kiddos.

dena said...

kora IS a weirdo. that's why we like her. i guess that's why we like you too.

isaak in his wife beater onesies drinking coke and stabbing meat... (like that?) nice.

what is jake holding by his head in the first WWE pic. it is a shoe?

gus. :) his cheeks are so cheeky.

austin, yep, he's a smart one.

Sarah said...

oh my goodness your entire family is the cutest thing i have ever seen! i love you and your blog, thank you for the constant entertainment and showing me how to enjoy being a mom and still being young at heart!


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Penny is the MAN! I swear, he and LJ are cut from the same mold. At least you are smart enough to laugh and grab the camera...I need to learn that!

LOVE the pic of Gussy, so cute!

Unknown said...

Cute! And I will overlook your Virginia bashing. I love it there!! Virginia is for Lovers after all. Have you check Austin's birth certificate? Maybe he was born there.


I loved the rugby shirt in the gaming pic. My husband played rugby for a bit at BYU and my little brother plays now!
Last picture, HOT! and I love all the pictures on the wall of you 5 kids! 5, love it!

No Model Lady said...

Poor, sweet Cole:( I am excited for school to start so he can make some new friends...or that other boy can move so he can have Jake back.

Justine said...

Your family is so fun!

Just Better Together

Anonymous said...

last week our group held a similar talk about this subject and you point out something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Kris