Thursday, June 3, 2010

you're gonna hope you're on this list.

okay here is my list of best blogs ever.
well, not EVER.
just EVER that i've seen and like.

i was given a thick stack of business cards
from many women at the cbc
and after going through all of them,
i've narrowed it down to my favs.

first and foremost,
the ones i already liked, but just like MORE
now that i've met these ladies in person.

april, from april showers blog design.
she's hot.
she's snobby.
she's professional.
she knows how to blog, and that's an understatement.
i envy her mad skills.

cleo, from the whole famdamily.

she's nude in this picture if you were wondering.

that's how she was for most of the time we stayed at her house.


it was seriously awkward.


i didn't say anything.

her hair is big.
i was coveting it.
i knew it looked familiar.
then she told me she was born in texas.
and at that moment,
the world made sense.

i was introduced to her by my OWN sister, lindsay.
i loved her from the start, years ago.
she blogs about adoption which i love.
meeting her was fabulous.
we're bff's now.
we text,
ya know,
lindsey and me.

she's a fellow mmb contributor.
well, WAS.
i wanna have mad crafting skills like this lady.
but alas, i will never.
instead i'll just drool all over my keyboard watching HER.

this girl is wicked bold.
she's also in love with herself.
so we get along quite well.
just kidding.
no but for real,
we do.

love her blog.
it makes me laugh.
it makes me mad that i didn't think of that before her.
it made me hate her for a time being.
then i grew the spirit of love.
and i forgive her for being funnier than me.
but i still kinda hate her too.

she won me over when she emailed me her fabulous single ladies video.
she's another creative genius.
and mom.
and cutie.
tonight when she's sleeping i'm going to remove all her freckles.
and then paste them on my face.
is that creepy?

enough of all the blogs i ALREADY liked.
i wanna show you my new favorites!

**first, my handful of fun**
all of these were quickly added to my reader.

rage against the minivan.
kristen blogs here about all sorts of funny life stuff.
she's also an adoptive mom.
her blog is well organized and had good pictures so it's easy on the eyeballs.
unlike mine.

depressions and confessions.
alexis blogs here about her feelings and opinions.
strong opinions.
which i like.
i think everyone should have strong opinions.
and blog about them.
it makes for good entertainment.

keeping up with mom.
joanie blogs here because she's a super hot red head.
she has perfect hair.
her hair is always nicely coiffed.
she probably never has stripper hair.
have i told you about her hair yet?
ok but for real, her blog is so nice and cozy.
and her hair is radical.

simply me.
kim blogs here about her every day life.
she's a photographer, which makes her blog fun to look at.
i think all blogs should have good pictures.
otherwise they should just quit blogging all together.
i will.
she's also the co-creator of the r house couture.
that sounds fancy, and it is.

**now for some fun recipe blogs**
i'm not usually a fan of the recipe blog, but these totally made me do a double take.
sarah blogs here all about food.
the pictures are so appealing and make you feel like you can do it.
she teaches you neat tricks too.
and she's pretty.
pretty people are always more interesting.

sherbert bossom.
hannah blogs here about more food.
she also blogs about life.
and other cool stuff.
i just found out that she's sisters with redhead recipes.
it makes sense.
they're both totally cute.

**design blogs and shops**
these are my new favorite creative spaces.
i feel inspired by them both.
second sister.
april owns this little shop where she creates and sells some amazing things
i wanna buy everything on her site.
i like her because i'm a second sister too.
be sure to visit her blog.
and her etsy shop.
but don't buy anything because i'm gonna buy it all.

several amazing designers have teamed up and launched this fabulous blog design site.
including second sister.
it's way too expensive for me to embark on.
but a girl can dream, right?
i'm still waiting for them to call my cell phone
and tell me that i won the $600 giveaway.
still waiting.
*looking at my phone*
i'm still waiting.

**and now, my all time new favorite blog**
are u ready for this?
ashley blogs here about anything.
and everything.
just like me.
except cuter, shorter and with whiter teeth.
her blog is super posh.
it makes me feel like i should wear skinny jeans and heels
at the computer desk when i read her.
her little family is gorgeous.
she's heartfelt.
she's honest and sincere.
she gives fun tutorials for loverly crafts.
she's lds.
she's. just. adorable.
i'm a little obsessed.
can you tell?
it kinda even creeps ME out.
please go visit her.

Now Go!
Enjoy your new reads!


Brandi said...

oh yummy new blogs for me to stalk! : D

Crystal Burch said...

Fun! I have a blog for you to look at. It's a lady in my ward (well there's 2 ladies but one is in my ward). GREAT recipes and FANTASTIC tips for "normal" people. Also, their recipes are written with humor and cuteness. They're working on a cookbook now. Check her out:
I love it!

Unknown said...

So I feel like a freakin rock star making it on the faves list! No, for real, does this make me cool, or what? You rock lady!

Kristina P. said...

First, I am slightly scared that you know I visited your blog 4 hours ago. Are you and Edward out my window right now?

And second, thanks for featuring me AND using a good picture. You are a good person. Because I would be posting hte ugliest pictures I could find of everyone.

I read most of these, but off to read some new ones!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

So loving this CBC blog summary--and whats even better is that I made the list--HOORAY! You made my day chica! Now off to check out the others.

btw: your sweet words made me smile--a lot!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

I just went back and read what you wrote about LMM {because I love hearing how great people think i am}...and I have to tell you I was so touched by your words, especially reading it a second time! You have a special way with words! And you are pretty much my new bff! I wish you lived in cali so we could be super bf's and I could be in one of your totally rad flip videos!

Staci said...

thanks jessica..thanks a lot now you gave me more things to waste my time rather then getting things done. Who would of guessed that Steph's Eric has some talent on his side of the family. Rebecca from blue cricket is his cousin cool huh.

A Beautiful Life said...

i wasn't naked! your face is naked..;p

April said...

OMG I'm #1! And aligned to the right! I feel so special!

Cleo...don't lie.

alexis said...

I don't know what you're talking about. i do NOT have strong opinions. especially about how your last past about cbc was so long i had to take three breaks to use the bathroom and change diapers and make breakfast lunch and dinner so i could read it all. but i did read it all. and i loved the picture of the lollipop guild because that is how i feel pretty much 98% of the time.

thank you for the lil feature of my opinionated blog. :) you is funny lady.

Paige said...

Hey that's cool. Alexis (depressions and confessions) is my friend from WAAAY back when. I think I've known her since elementary school. Or at least middle school. She and her family are totally awesome. Glad you're reading her stuff. :)

Kristen Howerton said...

Awww, I'm so honored!

Stephanie Kelly said...

And why am I not on this list? Pshhh was it because I was not cool enough to go to the CBC!

zoo keeper said...

WE are some SEXY HAWT girls. and it doesn't creep me out at all that i don't know where you got that actually turns me on.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

Becca said...

Jess..did you get my $100 bribe in the mail yet?

Thanks for the love and my man thinks I look all orange and umpa loompa like in that pic... I just think I look like a mischievous hussy wanna be! Am I right or am I right!

***** said...

Holy crap! I don't even have time to read through that whole post! When will I have time to check all those blogs? They sound freaking amazing!