Thursday, June 24, 2010

whats that? u want some junk? sure...

first and foremost.
roadkill contest has officially ended.
i'm in deliberation.
and i'm thinking i may need help.
i have narrowed the grand prize winner
down to no more than 4.
but on monday,
i'll post the contenders.
and i ask for a plea,
i need your help.
please join me in voting for the winner.
see you monday?
why do i do this?
why do i keep mega old pictures and forget to blog them?
i have like 3 more events that i haven't blogged,
but they seem so old now it would be weird.
this pic was taken
when my lovely sister
the artist in san francisco,
visited me.
i love these cousins.
i love that the picture is blurry.
i love everything about this.
i don't love
that my sister is no longer with us.
she's with us. like, alive.
but no longer with US.
here, in nc.

i announced this on fb.
my new comparison.
have you seen the new disney japanimation?
i love it.
i love how precious ponyo is.
i realized i loved ponyo so much,
because i have my own.
the hair?
the nose?
the chin?
the face shape?
the mouth?
(especially when ponyo's is open)
the big round eyes?
everything is ponyo.
my gussy ponyo.

earlier this week
we were invited to our friend shinobu's house
for a bbq.
she grilled burgers and hot dogs,
made DIVINE baked beans
(which i will attempt to duplicate),
and had all sorts of fun for the rats to play on.
she shared with us
a fun way to eat a watermelon.
it's like a pinata,
but more trashy.

everyone got a turn smashing it.

and when it finally busted open,
out popped this baby.
his name is jin.

just kidding.

thats's shinobu's baby boy.

we had a grand ole time with our friends.

the kids played and played.

do you see penny WAY back there?

let's take a closer peek at that.
hi penny!
hi big green sign on shinobu's back yard fence.
what's that you say?
hazardous waste site?
just feet from where my baby plays every day?
no biggie!
whats a little cancer in 20 years?

everyone always asks me this
so i thought i'd address the issue publicly.
miah is brown.
he is very tan.
he still burns.
i still have to lather him with sunscreen.
i don't want him to get skin cancer.
sometimes i forget,
and this is what it looks like when i do.

penny got to paint for the first time of his entire life.
he's 2.
which makes me, a crappy mom.
since he didn't even know what paint was,
he ate it.
and about 3 hours later,
we got to see that blue paint once again.
but this time, it was mixed with lunch.

penny has the yummiest face
on the entire planet.
he has a habit of always sticking out his tongue
when he's busy doing something important.
or being naughty.
i call it, his sushi.
i like to bug him about it
and always ask him if i can see it.

he always plays along.

this has to be
the most hideous thing
i have ever seen.
i can't even believe i'm putting it on my blog.
but i have to show you.
why would anyone?
10 bucks?
i wanna ralph...

although i'm having to end this
on my least favorite number,
anything is better than those nasty spider yoyos.
i feel like i need a bath.
or maybe just a little brotherly love
in white onesies.
my favorite :)
these guys are gonna be so much fun together.
i can't wait.


Brandi said...

omg I love your babies, Gus' face in the bottom middle picture is adorable! LOL

Seriously Miah with his naturally brown skin, I'm jealous. I still want to gobble him up though.


ps: if five of your five babies end up missing next time I'm around ... don't check anywhere near me. At all. K. Thanks. : )

ashley @ little miss momma said...

your kids make me want more kids!!!
That cute little sushi, those not even sun burned cheeks, those brotherly hugs--its too much!

And guess what? I saw those EXACT same freaky spider yoyos in toys r us and I freaked out and wondered which toys r us employee thought that it was a good idea to carry those! It gave me the chills too {since we're soul mates and all}.

David and Teresa said...

I loved all of those pictures of those sweet babies. Well of all the kids to be going towards the hazardous waste, it would be my Izey. And my precious scramich boy is brown and delicious. Mawmaw

Amanda said...

L has never painted yet...and probably won't for a good year. I guess that makes me a worse mom than u! P paints during his nap time. L does not like to follow rules, L likes to do whatever I tell him not to..Paint and L would not mix. And I love the onesie pic's.

A Beautiful Life said...

I love your random blogs because it's a whole mix of everything all at once! I love brotherly pure white love, i want to gobble smooth brown skin and puppy dog eyes, i think i may heart sushi now and i LOVE gussy ponyo!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Your kids are so cute!
I think I would skip out on those spider yoyos!

TRES said...

so you caught me stalking in the middle of the night :) your random posts, lists and left justify is RAD!

TRES said...

I am delirious......I ment to write RIGHT JUSTIFY.

Brianna said...

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your bolg, but I just love it, and you, and your incredibly adorable kids!! You have such a beautiful family! your posts inspire me - i've just started my own blog - mostly just family crap for now.
It sucks and I have no comments lol.
Anyhow, love your blog, keep it up!

Lindsey said...

spiders are gross!
but the pictures of your kids make it all better :)

Lindsay said...

i got chills from those yo yo's and i'm not even SCARED of spiders... but THOSE were aTTROCIOUS.. i can hear you squealing as you see them in the store. and yes.. penny IS delicious. too bad he's not coming on our WT vacation. :/

Lauren said...

You are just the cutest thing ever! I'm sort of addicted to craft blogs... and um, so I look at a lot of blogs, and well, it's nice to run across a blog that's good to read! I read all the way back to March something (which is a long way, really, on this blog) and I feel like I've been reading a fun library book. Thanks!