Tuesday, June 8, 2010

these are the days.

play this song while you read this post.
quietly, of course,
so you can hear my voice typing :)
my summer days
are soon to be filled with beach babies
and tan lines.
but as i wait patiently for school to be out,
i've been spending my days a little something like this...
laughing endlessly with this guy about
yellow legs
hi rita
daddy bye bye
yummy ribs
stinky face
and much more.
if penny was a meal, i'd eat him 3 times a day.
no wait, 5.
aren't you supposed to have 5 small meals a day?
he's just. too. good.

dreaming about my new friends in utah.
have i really been a utah girl all along?
and didn't even know it?
it can't be true.
but i do like my hair in that dry air.
and i do like those friends out there.

kissing this irresistible face
1000 x a day.
how did i get so lucky?
to have two babies
at one time?
pure bliss.
and to think i was upset when i found out about him coming soon.

aching over this yucky ripstik injury.
because i tried to be
"the cool mom"
sure, i'll try the ripstik!
stoopid stoopid jessica.
what was i thinking?
somewhere between my 16 year old gymnastics class
and having 5 kids,
i forgot how to fall gracefully.
be glad you weren't there to see it.
if i were like 10 years older
i'm sure i would have broken a hip.

going on walks to and from the school
and visiting friends who have tasty treats for us to steal.
thank you michele for the pudding pop.
thank you amber for the coke.

daydreaming about Lover,
wishing he were home to make me laugh.
this is where i would write all the annoying stuff he does,
that normally drives me crazy.
and then i would say i miss it now.
but i won't,
because he'll use it against me later.
apparently they have computers in the dessert,
and they check blogs, and facebook, and email.

waiting ever so sedulously
for the days to get hotter,
for school to let out,
for the pools to be filled with friends and fun
and for someone to come clean my house.
oh crap,
did i just type that out loud?

and i'm also wishing for this nice piece of hardware
to dangle loosely around my neck.
which was brought to my attention while reading moosh in indy.
anyone? anyone wanna buy it for me?
go here to see the selection they have!

do it!
both of them!


Kristina P. said...

I'm so lame I don't even know what a ripstick is.

A Beautiful Life said...

i luv your days..i wish we were neighbors so we could have lazy days of summer together! oh and I wish I had Meeshell's legs, and I will try and get that necklace for you for your bday, oh and yes you should live in utah, oh and sorry about your battle wounds, sometimes you're just TOO cool..;D
The pic of you and Gus is priceless, look at his expression, you don't look half bad either, ok you look gorgeous and i hate you but i loved the sentiment
Um..Izey is the cutest kid I've ever seen in a hat like that.
I always check your crap...

Valinda said...

It's easier to hear you type now that I've met you, even though I heard you in tons of videos, it's different. When does your school get out?? I think Kathy and I should come visit you and your beach next time we get together, we'll bring you presents from Tai Pan. Have fun waiting and I hope the time flies!

Erica said...

I always check it too :-) And, those two babies are pretty stinkin' cute. And, I'm jealous of the park right across from your house. Now, THAT'S pretty wicked. Boy, you can tell I'm a stay-at-home mom always looking for a good playground.

Valinda said...

I have to add one more thing, I went to go check out that hardware and you know what made me laugh? There is no I heart Nevada, because really NOBODY hearts Nevada.

Dana said...

I figured a ripstick was like a pogo stick we had when we were kids. That thing would scare me. Yeah for you for doing it. See if you were still in Tx you would be out for the summer now. But you would also be dying in 100 temps already.

Goodnight moon said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning and checking me out in my molestor robe. I know..it's so H.O.T!

You better do some great blogging while I'm MIA...I need something to read while I lay in my bed.

dena said...

gus' cheeks are the BEST!!

and, i hear they have computers in the deSert too. they have banana splits and sundaes in the desSert. :)

love to my j lowe friend.

zoo keeper said...

I'm going to google ripstick and i have an idea, you buy me that necklace and i'll buy you one...cause i'm nice like that.

The Nugen's said...

Hmmm, my comment didn't show up.

As I was saying, I like Gussy's replacement for formula. Must be something Dave Ramsey recommended. Mayo for formula. Chick-fil-a brand will save you tons! No wonder he looks so yummy.

Kris said...

The necklace reminded me of this:

Kristin said...

Do you live in Texas?? We moved to Utah from Texas three years ago. Love having seasons and mountains again. We're moving to South Carolina in August, so I'm preparing myself for heat and humidity again.

Carolina said...

jess...i know you are sooo very enamored with Utah and your lovely friends there at this moment, but trust me when I tell you that it's a trick!!! Utah has a funny way of doing that. hahahaha!

You will think you're in love up until the 2nd snowfall. Then you'll wish you could jump off a cliff! Just sayin...


Candace said...

LOVE the pics of Izey. So sweet.
And that one of you and Gus is the most precious thing ever. His expression is priceless. Love it!

Amanda said...

Sweet, sweet post and one of my favorite songs. It feels good to be enjoying these few days leading up
to a summer of fun!
Your little boys are delish and they make me want to have a few more! I LOVE Gussy's cheeks, so scrumptious!!

Kim said...

I really enjoyed this post, it was so calming :) or maybe it was the just song in the background. Remember, Utah is only fun to visit!

***** said...

Such good times! Don't get me started on the Utah hair. Everything about Utah makes girls look hotter: the hair, the shops, the good food. You do need that necklace, to go with your Texas bracelet.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That ripstick injury looks painful! I have to admit, I cringed when I saw the picture!

Write Chick said...

Love the pic of the kids gazing longingly at the playground. That's the story of my children's lives.