Monday, June 28, 2010

penny had a birthday, shout hoo-ray.

see how horrible and behind i am?
on the 20th, my penny guy
turned the big t-w-o.
yep, that's right.
this little tErd ball right here is now
a big boy.

we decided to keep the birthday low key
because the mutha
didn't need any additional stress in her life.
so we loaded up,
and went to toys r us one saturday
to pick out a big toy for penny.
the kids were in heaven,
we don't get out much.

miah fell in love
and is officially saving his money
for this dirt bike.
all $299.99 of it.
by the time he saves up,
he'll be big enough for a real dirt bike.
i didn't have the heart to tell him.

we picked out a nice little ride for the izey guy.
the toys r us brand four wheeler.
as well as some silly bands
as party favors for all the birthday guests.

and we couldn't forget
to grab a few more "haw-sees"

to add to penny's ever growing collection.

this is izey's new obsession.

i can't even begin to tell you how excited he was

when he got that castle in the mail from our friends, the burns'.

he immediately loaded it up with his haw-see collection,

and he totes it everywhere.

and i mean,


after our toy shopping extravaganza,
we headed over to penny's favorite burger joint.
and by that i mean MY favorite burger joint.
mmmm. burgers and fries. mmmm.

the two olders pretended to love each other,
for just that one day.

and miah just loved his silly bands.

on the way home,
we stopped at harris teeter
and grabbed a cake for the birthday boy.
how do you know you have 5 kids?
when you buy ready-made birthday cakes,
with confetti
and a bow
at the grocery store
with no writing on them
the DAY of the party,
which isn't really a party at all.
especially when you used to make
really rad
really awesome
for your other kids.

regardless of how fancy or not the cake was,
penny loved it.
and that's all that matters :)

after i forked away at about 89% of the cake,
i attempted to put together the four wheeler,
only to charge it all night long,
and find out
it doesn't.

stupid quad.
fyi, never buy the toys r us brand
battery powered quad.

so we returned the dumb four wheeler
the next day.
and we ordered a bigger
and better
present for the penny meister.
that of which,
he can't get ENOUGH of.
as you can plainly see.
i think it was meant to be.
and the trampoline
is something the whole family can enjoy!
including me.
and yes, we are THAT white trash.

the whole shindig
turned out to be perfect!
and penny was officially partied out.

now go away
so we can jump in the buff,
while everyone else is asleep!!

happy birthday my isaak love.


Staci said...

happy birthday lil man...i love him. I love that he has a collection of silly things like miles with his pezz dispensers. I love that he is naked...what's a bday with out wearing your bday suit. I love that he sleeps with joe jonas looks just like daddy, handsome.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

For some reason this is what i picture baby w to look like when he turns two! so stinkin cute! That sounds like the perfect bday to me!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Oh, and i am curious about the origin of the super cute nickname penny

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday, little guy!!!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Totally hilarious! I love the white trash moment...LJ's is chronicled in my latest post. I think it must be a rule of mommahood that all children must have white trash moments.

As for Joe Jonas....lame-o! Lover is way more handsome than Joe Jonas. hehe

Happy Birthday Issak!

A Beautiful Life said...

sounds like a super fun bday, and that's the joy of having a large family, there's always enough kids for a party!!
naked trampoline jumping, i suppose you have your next Hussy Vlog material...;p
He's adorable and I want a Penny of my own, so if you ever need a break, send him here...for forever. thx.

Amanda said...


I loved this made me laugh several times;)

andi said...

You only turn two once. I think nude trampoline jumping is in order.

Jill said...

Looks like he had a great birthday! Where is PT's?

Anonymous said...

i love it! and the jumpy is way cooler than the non-working riding device :)

Goodnight moon said...

I'm sad I was in my coma during his bday....I owe Penny guy something.

dena said...

canNOT believe it's been 2 years and canNOT believe there's another kid behind him. i process slow, i know.

he doesn't look short changed at all. who could feel jipped (sp? how IS that spelled?) with those rad birthday candles--love them!

you did FABULOUS by mr. blue eyed baby!

David and Teresa said...

Awwwwwww! I loved seeing those pics. Thanks for posting them Baby.

David and Teresa said...

Hey How is the Lime Disease boy? I just noticed in one of the pics that he still has the "bull's eye" on his head. Is is getting better? That makes me sad all over again. Love you Mutha