Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Story in Pictures

Today's entertainment is brought to you by this guy:

Even though he woke up with a raging one of these:

It didn't deter him from his usual morning activities that mostly involve acting like this dude:

So there I was, doing this in the bathroom:

And then this little mister got bored.

So he decided he wanted a morning treat and he was craving this:

But not the easy clean up kind,

Nooooo, he wanted the one in the tupperware because it's gooeier and messier and easier to spill all over the place.
And what good is eating it without a utensil to spoon it in your mouth.
So, I spent the morning rushing to get kids ready for school
(one of which didn't NEED to get ready for school OR walk allllll the way there with me and the babies because it's WEDNESDAY. AGAIN. WTC?!?)
and cleaning sticky spots off of everything.
I'm sure I'll still find sticky for the next several weeks.

As time passed,

I got on my fancy computer.
That doesn't look like this but I wish it did.
Buy it for me please.
Dave Ramsey?
Close your eyes.
I had to register for my classes that I'll be attending when I go here:

And WHILE I was doing that, this dude got hungry.

So he helped himself to a can of these:

And then he proceeded to do this action

And all over these, which I had just cleaned.

So there I was again.

And while I was busy cleaning,
this little rat got curious.

So he opened one of these:

Which, by the way, reminds me to buy LOTS of these now.

And he got into my pantry.
Which looks IDENTICAL to this one.
I swear.

And he thought that THIS looked interesting.
But not the small cute one like this.
It had to be the big HUGE one like this:

And he opened it and poured it all over this:

Which caused me to throw away many things,
including these:

And these:

And if you're wondering why I don't have a picture of this mess.
It's because I looked too much like this:

To even THINK of grabbing this:
And once again, I found myself here:

But did that end it all?
Oh no.
Not at all.
This only gave the monster MORE time to find something NEW.

So he scooted one of these,
(which I MUST have):

Over to this:
(which looks IDENTICAL to mine)

And he got into the cabinets to find some of these which he downed in a heartbeat.

Don't call these guys just yet.

Those were only fake pills made by this girl:

For this hot guy's birthday party.

I was still doing this number during that time and I figured he was fine eating tic tacs so I didn't pay much attention to him while I scrubbed soy sauce out of the crevices in my pantry.

And this guy happened to notice that I wasn't paying attention:

So he opened a jar of this:

And decided to fix his hair.

And when I saw what he had done I didn't know where to begin cleaning it up.
Thinking about getting vaseline out of hair made me do this:

So I was forced to take drastic measures.

But this tErd,

Did NOT enjoy this.

And since I didn't have anything else handy, I used this to get the vaseline out:


doesn't work.
You're probably wondering if everyday with this dude is full of surprises.

You're probably wondering if I spend every day looking like this because of it.
Every. Day.

But, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy

Because sometimes he runs across the street to the garage and gets the paper towels when the slide is wet.
All on his own.

And sometimes he looks at his big brother with eyes that melt my heart.

And sometimes, he just looks so incredibly irresistable sleeping in his big boy bed at night that I chance waking him up just to sneak in for a picture and a drool covered kiss.

That's my Penny :)
So my friend Cleo (Hillary) was featured on one of my favorite blogs today.
She shares a story about her life that is UH-MAZE-ING.
This girl has major courage.
You MUST read it.
Don't forget your tissue!


Gwen said...

Loved ! your blog today ! What a cute kid. You are a good mom, it reminded me of the nienie video, where she EMBRACES motherhood and all that goes with it. You EMBRACED it all too !!

Laura said...

You PUT him DOWN THE garbage DISPOSAL!!? Remind me to never drink your soy sauce/spit up in your house/put your vaseline in my hair etc etc etc...

Sarah Stamps said...

I'm out of breath just reading about your day. It's fun with five huh?;) I can't believe what a great sense of humor you have about it all, it's wonderful. Love your new header!

A Beautiful Life said...

no way this all happened in ONE morning!! I need some meds just thinking about it..;) it's true..if they weren't so cute we would've killed them along ago!! have an issue? here's a tissue..;D thx for the linky that what you say?

Lindsey said...

LOL. Love this post. Made my day a bit brighter. Not that reading about your crazy day makes mine any better...

Valinda said...

Makes me REALLY glad I gave birth to 3 dainty little girls. :)

Charity said...

I have a little guy who does the same thing. It is so hard to be upset when they are just soooo cute. Oh and the vaseline thing my guy did that. He also got into the flour, shampoo, and toilet papered the bathroom toilet and all. Fun! Don't worry they will turn into geniuses because they are so curious and daring!

Lindsay said...

firstly... who's this OTHER lindsay? but with an EY? secondly.. i love my penny SO much. i have a thing for rowdy boys!! :)

Candace said...

This post makes me feel SO MUCH better about the rowdy boy that lives in MY house. Seriously. Everyday I threaten to put him up for adoption at least once. ;)

Anonymous said...

love it!

daniella said...

From now on I expect all your posts to be in pictures. If it wasn't for Nacho, how else would you find life amusing?

Unknown said...

Holy days like that...

shinergirltx said...

OMG that is the best post in a long while (yes I stalk your blog)!!! I want a little boy just like him!!!

Amy Herfurth said...

Your days with penny...sound just like days with my probably know this...but it doesn't stop at 3...I can only hope it stops at 4! being cute is about the only reason Aidan is still alive!!

Goodnight moon said...

All I can say is....where was his mother?!?!?

He can get away with doing anything, as long as he is wearing a white onesie. So, make sure he is wearing one on the 22nd, so when he starts to destroy my house...I can't get upset.

Unknown said...


Michelle Peyronet said...

That was seriously the funniest post since the original and still the greatest "Jessica's White Trash Moment" with the milk covered car and babies.
I Love you cuz!! And your super cute, and kinda evil, babies ;)