Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bedroom Conversation

Sometimes at night when Lover and I are laying in bed,
just before we drift off to sleep,
we talk about silly things.
A few nights ago was one of those nights.
Lover and I were lying there in our undies, spooning.
And then Lover pipes up,
"Sometimes I wish I were an avatAR."

"Really? Nahhhh", I said.
"I think you'd be happier as a centAUR."

And then I asked him,
"Are you not happy just being a LovAR?"
And he said,
"I am, I'll settle for just a LovAR."

And then we laid there some more in silence but just before I drifted off to dreamland, I hear Lover say,
"What about a babAR?"

ps...I'm back from vacation and I have ToNs of blogging material!
You just wait and seeeeeeeeee.


Anonymous said...

You guys are a HOT couple! Glad your back to bloggin cuz it always makes me smile!

Bonnie said...

Seriously that was so stupid that I think I like Austin more. I always knew YOU were retarded but I love how he has let you turn HIM retarded. True love, pure and simple!

A Beautiful Life said... funny,you guys are cute... crazy speaking of centaurs, my hubby's one!!

andi said...

Hee hee- glad you're back!

zoo keeper said...

well really what's not to love about an elephant in a green suit...i'd do that!

See Mom Smile said...

Awesome. Gorgeous couple!

***** said...

Bonnie should have said retARded, but she isn't as clever as you and the lover I suppose, irregardless, that's a cute story. I like bedtime talk, it's dark and you don't have to see the reaction on his face when you say sillies. Missed you.

Goodnight moon said... that like IRirregular?!? No, I suppose not.

I'm so glad your home so we can be friends face to face again!

Unknown said...

you guys were definitely made for each other. ;) too cute.

JennaK said...

I just stumbled over from MMB and wanted to tell you that the family picture you have on the upper lefthand side is SO cute.

Lindsay said...

i'm chuckling right now... and i don't use that word freely. so yeah.. good stuff.. oh babar. HAHA

Kristy Villa said...

I just found your blog through another blog (Goodnight moon!) and i love it! Following you (: