Friday, February 5, 2010

Once Upon A Costume - WINNER!

So I lied.
MIAH, is drawing the winner today cuz I got home late last night and wasn't prepared for the drawing this morning. Miah has boogery sticky eyes so I didn't send him to school, therefore, he is my drawer. Not drawer as in I keep my undies in a "drawer".
You know what I mean.
Now if you didn't win with Once Upon A Costume THIS time,
don't fret.
Valinda and her marvelous creations will be back in a few weeks as our finale to the 12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways. And lemme just say, you WILL want to win that one.
If your name was drawn, you will need to go to Valinda's website HERE. Then find her contact information on the right hand side and let her know you are my winner.
And don't worry.
I'll give her a heads up that you're on your way.
So no fakers will beat you.


Valinda said...

Congratulations Kimmy! Contact me and we can talk about the jumper and Ren Faire wear!

Unknown said...

yeah!!!!!! look at that booby...hahaha. such cutie pie boys. :) Valinda i'm so excited!! you're awesome jessica. :*

Unknown said...

oh cool valinda. just saw ur post. i'll send you a pm on facebook. :)

Froggylady said...

Congratulations Kimmy!

Goodnight moon said...

Congrats Kimmy!!!!

Does Miah have booger eyes because Ian wiped a booger on him yesterday? No really, ask Miah about it. Ian got IN BIG TROUBLE for it!!!! Poor Miah!!!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I love your babies!